Topic: Let's slow down this QB controversy for just a second (long)
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Let's slow down this QB controversy for just a second (long)

Posted: Apr 17, 2018 9:23 AM

I keep seeing posts labeling TL as the best QB on the team and questioning why Dabo has not already made him the starter. I will give you the obvious reason in just a second, but most people who claim this point to Deshaun's freshman year and the game at UGA and say stupid things like "Dabo only plays upperclassman" and "Dabo is only loyal to guys who have been in the program a long time."

Let's take a step back to 2014. First, may I remind you that Deshaun became the starting QB in the 3rd game of the season, on the road at Florida State. If Dabo won't play freshman then why in the world did Dabo name him the starter in the MIDDLE OF THE 3rd GAME!?

"But he should have been the starter from day one. He was obviously better than everyone else on the roster." This is the most often used comeback. Remember, Deshaun missed most of the summer with an injury (TL has not) and the coaches really didn't have enough of a sample size to know if he was truly ready. They went with experience on the road at UGA over unproven talent. This is a tough call, but it is probably the same call I would make in this situation.

I know everyone remembers what I consider the prettiest pass Deshaun ever threw at Clemson (Natty winner to Renfrow aside) hitting Peake for the TD between the hedges. This is the highlight people use to complain that Deshaun was better from day one. However, you also have to remember that Deshaun finished that game 2-4 in passing for 59 yds. Take away the 30 yd TD to Peake and he is 1-3 for 29 yds. He also rushed 5 times for -3 yds total. People seem to forget that Deshaun had other drives in that game and he looked like a freshman on the road in his first start on all of his other series.

Now, back to the current QB controversy. Dabo has not named a starter. Actually, after the spring game he stated the competition is open for all 4. This is exactly what all Clemson fans want! The best thing that can happen right now is all 4 QB's feel like they have a chance to start so they work harder this summer than they have ever worked before. If KB is named the starter today, do you think TL works as hard to add weight or to develop chemistry with his WR's? If TL is named starter today do you think KB pushes himself to the limit all summer? Probably not. Every coach names competition from within their team as a huge factor in how good their team becomes in the fall. Dabo has set up the competition and I trust he will select the best man for the job when Furman comes to town.


Re: Let's slow down this QB controversy for just a second (long)

Posted: Apr 17, 2018 9:53 AM

You said it well ibeeskeef, but some children are hard-headed. Just ignore them because Dabo will be Dabo and they ain't Dabo.

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Re: Let's slow down this QB controversy for just a second (long)

Posted: Apr 17, 2018 10:06 AM

Well said! I'm just as excited about TL as everyone else, but don't think he's quite ready for the keys to the kingdom (maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I am). What I'm really hoping for is for Chase or Hunter to win the starter slot. That keeps one (if not both of them) around, & Sunshine gets a year to develop. I think if TL is named the starter, either Chase or Hunter (if not both) will transfer. Elite talent doesn't want to sit on the bench when they could compete elsewhere & improve their draft stock. So, worst case scenario... TL is named the starter, Hunter and Chase both transfer, & now we're back to having one (probably) elite QB & one good QB. I think more likely what would happen is one of the two would transfer, while the Coaches talk the other into staying by saying "Kelly is a senior & will be gone next year". That improves matters some. Just some food for thought. This is why the coaches make the big bucks, & we all get to sit at our computers & second guess them. Either way, Go Tigers! Come on 9/1.

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