Topic: Let's do the math ...
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Let's do the math ...

Posted: Oct 21, 2019 1:12 PM

Pass Attempts / Interceptions

2014 D. Watson 137/02 = 68.5
2015 D. Watson 491/13 = 37.8
2016 D. Watson 579/17 = 34.1

2017 K. Bryant 398/08 = 49.8

2018 T. Lawrence 397/04 = 99.3
2019 T. Lawrence 190/08 = 23.8

TLaw is throwing a pick every 24 pass attempts so far this season.

Notice how well DW4 and TL16 took care of the ball as freshman.

What to make of this ? Do our coordinators expect too much from Sophomores / Juniors ?
Maybe simple is better ?

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Re: Let's do the math ...

Posted: Oct 21, 2019 1:26 PM

I'm not sure you can put this on the coordinators.

Lawrence has thrown 2 INTs this season on plays where he was about to go out of bounds and just heaved balls up instead of throwing them away or stepping out of bounds. Without those two INTs, his number goes up to 31.67.

He also threw a ball into triple coverage on Saturday, yes I know Tee was knocked down, on a play where the checkdown was wide open for first down yardage.

I think rather than expecting too much out of sophomores and juniors, our coaches let their best players go make plays.

Watson and Lawrence are not afraid to turn the ball loose down the field and into coverage. This mentality is going to result in more INTs.

That's the reason that their INT rates are so much higher than Bryant. He wouldn't let it go if there were any defenders in the area.

Re: Let's do the math ...

Posted: Oct 21, 2019 1:33 PM

No its just they had a lot of success down field their first year but also took the check downs because they did not see a bunch of cover 2/3/4's. All Trevor has heard all off season is how he has Higgins, Ross, Ngata, Ladson, now Rodgers so he is taking more risk probably thinking they will come down with it. He just needs to be more patient and check down until the Safeties start to move up. To me that's the only difference in this year is patience and not trying to hit the big play all the time when they don't come out and score on a series or 2.

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