Topic: I will have to admit
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I will have to admit

Posted: Feb 25, 2018 6:03 PM

Overall this season I have to give CBB credit, the team has made a step forward .
Which is all you can really ask for with a program like Clemson.
Although it’s been entirely too long since we have been to the tournament, we are there this year.
So good job Brad and let’s hope we can get hot over the next couple of games.
From someone that’s been around B-Ball all my life I don’t necessarily like how he Coaches during games.
But a few more good seasons and I’m sure I will change my mind.
I’m going to try to be good for the rest of the year but a few of you make it hard .
So in closing about 95% of my post are just trying to get some of you going.
I wil refrain and be a good TNETer , 10fo and??

Re: I will have to admit

Posted: Feb 25, 2018 6:20 PM

I appreciate your honesty. I do see us making some real progress. It has been incremental, but we are getting better as a program. I think what coach BB has done is to methodically make progress. His players must like him as a person and the way he coaches as it shows in their performances. The biggest improvement I have noticed is our free throw shooting. In days of old, I have seen Clemson lose many, many games at the charity stripe. Inexcusable, IMO, but it was a chronic problem. We are much better there now. I'm a Tiger win lose or draw, but I do like the progress I see. May it continue on and on!

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Re: I will have to admit

Posted: Feb 25, 2018 6:34 PM

I agree what I have seen this year compared to the last few
Like yesterday a close game late we made
a run to win these games this year.
How many games have we lost a big lead late or even a 2 point lead on the last few possessions.
Not this season we have won all but a couple

Replies: 2  
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