Topic: I know my belief that the Clemson basketball programs
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Replies: 15  

I know my belief that the Clemson basketball programs

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 7:44 AM

should be abolished is not a viable idea and we probably get a fair amount of ACC-TV money that helps the athletic department overall but losing to a bad SCar team just further reinforces my belief that something has to change. Scale back the investment in B-ball (i.e. Little John), invest in other sports and/or start a softball team. Clemson is just wasting money on basketball. As few players as are on the basketball teams, the money could be better used and benefit other and more student-athletes in other sports.

Clemson gets very little national exposure from B-ball. Accept it for what it is, a mediocre program that will never be nationally competitive.

Right, but

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 7:56 AM

Were you hear at all in the past making post about how our win over Scar helps to solidify us as an improving program? It's happened a heck of a lot more than it hasn't as of late.

I'm willing to say pretty confidently that you weren't.

One basketball game and you want to abolish an entire sport from the University. Thank The Lord you do not have a position of influence at my school.


Posted: Dec 20, 2014 7:57 AM

Re: Right, but

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:06 AM

Pretty sad, huh? No comments on the past three games left him squirming for something to say.

Fact is, Clemson was beaten at their own game last night...it's gonna happen. That wasn't a bad team the Tigers lost to, if one is objective. The name on the jersey doesn't change that.

instead of spending$ on little john, offer Pitino 6 mil a Yr***

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 10:28 AM

My concern is we give scholarships to players that can't

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:09 AM

Shoot. How do you have a team full of players that can't score?

Roper was a shooter,now he can't.figure out why***

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 10:31 AM

Re: I know my belief that the Clemson basketball programs

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:19 AM

Very intelligent post, I'm sure you'll get a lot of agreement with this!

Your defeatist attitude is all that is wrong with our bball

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:28 AM

I said last year, win and the fans will show up. That's how it works. Before we ever become a solid program we need to win. I camped out for Rick Barnes' team in '96 when #4 Clemson took on #2 Wake Forest. So it is possible to field a good team.

Ten years ago, would you have guessed that TCU and Baylor would be great football programs? In high school I had a TCU shirt that I wore in gym class and everybody knew them for having the longest losing streak in the country. Think 0-21 by our beaked friends.

They made a commitment to win. We need to do the same. Sorry, but Littlejohn is a dump and no kid is going to visit Clemson and then see what Louisville has to offer and choose Clemson. It's an arms race. DRad knows it. It can happen.


Wrong appraoch

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:45 AM

We can have a viable basketball program. But we need to invest in it at a higher level to give our coaches a chance to build a winner. No one believed Bowden when he said upgrade your facilities or stay mid-tier. He was right and now Dabo is taking advantage of it (along with being a better coach).
Basketball makes money and is easily the second most important program in the athletic department. It is foolish to suggest giving in to those who want us to be in the top three every year, or make the NCAA tourney every year, or shut down the program. that is not reasonable nor will it enhance the university.
BB doesn't go the AAU route as he simply will not cheat. Give him some better facilities, support and he will have us consistently in the middle tier of the league.

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Re: I know my belief that the Clemson basketball programs

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 8:59 AM

Basketball can be a lot of fun at Clemson. It does not take all day to go to a game. The game itself is over in much less time. The energy created in Littlejohn is different, but can be just be very exciting. Why not want to win in both? Having said that I love Clemson football and realize we are a football school. Still disappointed in last night's outcome.

It's not true that we can't have a good basketball program

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 9:09 AM

at Clemson. We can have a very good, nationally competitive basketball program here - IF we want to. We can easily have a better program than we have now.

It's not easy, but it's simple: Do what other good basketball programs do. What they ultimately do is make basketball a priority. The result is better players, and better teams. I don't mean a priority over football, mind you, as that will never happen at Clemson, but certainly more of a priority than it's been recently. Basketball has to be viewed as important, and there must be a major, serious commitment.

The stumbling block at Clemson has always been the ability to bring in top talent. When we do, on occasion, assemble some good basketball talent, guess what? We're pretty good! How do we get the talent? How do other schools do it? What makes a good HS basketball player want to play for a certain school? Easy - they have to believe they will win big. What makes them believe that?

1. A winning tradition. Oh well - we can scratch that.

2. A coach that recruits can believe in and relate to. A coach that they believe can and will win big. This could be a function of having a long, proven track record, or it could be a younger charismatic coach who has shown he can recruit but is still on the way up. Maybe a little of both. Clemson is totally, 100% capable of hiring such a coach - IF we want to.

3. Great facilities and fan support. Hopefully, such facilities are on the way. Basketball may never be as big or as important as football at Clemson, but it doesn't have to be. There is no doubt in my mind however, that if we put a good, exciting basketball team on the court, we'll have no problem packing the house on a regular basis. Clemson football fans are the best in the world, but remember what happened when our football team sucked in the 90s? Fans quit coming and enthusiasm waned. It's no different in basketball - fans have to have something to be excited about. Littlejohn has, in the past, been one of the toughest places to play; it can get loud and crazy. It can be that way again. There is absolutely no reason we can't do this.

There is nothing standing between us and a better basketball program other than the commitment to do it. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are a "football school" and little to do with the fact that SC is not a hotbed of HS talent. Will we ever be a real national power in basketball like UNC, Louisville, Syracuse, etc.? I doubt it, but there is absolutely no reason we can't be a consistent top 25 team, regularly make the NCAA tourney, and in short, be a lot better than we are now.

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Posted: Dec 20, 2014 7:13 PM

Excellent post! I totally agree that we can be a consistent winner in basketball. We should expect that. But as you said, we must put our money where our mouth is. I'm not saying that it should be a bigger priority than almighty football, but it better be priority 1B. Right now it is a distant second, and that's not okay.

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maybe the new facility is the beginning?

Posted: Dec 21, 2014 10:53 AM

i think it takes a series of small steps. the new arena might just be the first step.

at least they are proving they are willing to spend the $$ on the program.

i agree. there is no reason for not having a really good (even if it's not great) basketball program.

with all that C.U. has to offer - including the chance to play in the ACC against some of the best of the best

perhaps better student seating - along one full sideline as in the conceptual drawings - will excite the student body a bit?

and it really just takes a few good recruits to attract a few more, etc....

After EVERY loss, this topic gets beaten much worse

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 10:21 AM

than the proverbial dead horse. 80 or 90 years into a basketball program, ours still suffers from lack of fan support and minimal university and community support. The average Clemson "fan" knows little about the history of the program, the former stars, or how Clemson basketball has "carried" the athletic dept in years past. One only need attend a unc/Clemson game in LJ to see what so many "fans" do with their tix to a huge contest---but as bad as it is now......I'd wager very few knew that decades ago, unc fans were becoming IPTAY members and buying season tix JUST so they could get in to see their tarholes play and a few other games. IPTAY and tix office came under intense pressure to eliminate non-Clemson fans getting so many of the best seats. And it was pressure from true Clemson fans and students who caused this change in policy.

Clemson basketball is a direct reflection of the majority of Clemson fans. There are still many older fans who don't give a crap about Clemson basketball and seldom attend one. And the younger ones mostly know very little about the program's history. When's the last time you heard of a bunch of Clemson fans or students heading to one of the early season tournaments?? Or an away game?? They just don't care--save for the once every few years the Tigers throw a competitive team into the fray...but fans rarely sell out LJ then....and believe it or not, Clemson basketball season tix are a steal compared to many other ACC schools. The costs are a fraction of what other ticket departments get....

We have met the enemy and they are us. UNTIL Clemson fans demand better and start supporting the program, the athletic dept is going to continue to stumble through eras of a couple of good years, a couple of really bad years, happy with the mediocre majority.

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Re: I know my belief that the Clemson basketball programs

Posted: Dec 20, 2014 10:43 AM

Sorry guy , just sounds like a looooser approach .

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