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Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:03 PM

Is Hunter a ROH of player? Think about it, made the catch to win the natty. Destroyed Bama DB's in multiple playoff games.

Countless other times he bailed the team out with catches that saved our butts. Look no further than a catch on Saturday that saved the season so far.

I mean former walk-on who is currently also a back-up QB, punter, etc.

In my eyes, this is the type of story that is deserving. Thoughts?

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:09 PM

He so deserves a lot more recognition, but maybe he's happy the way he is...HUMBLE!!!

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:16 PM

NCAA Career record holder in CFP for TDs scored with 6.

Also made a TD-saving tackle in the Natty.

So many great players would love to have half his résumé of great plays.

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:18 PM

He should have won MVP for the natty

If they made a movie about a kicker walk-on

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:22 PM

Think how they could handle Hunter's story. He even gets the Homecoming Queen in real life.


Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 10:30 PM

I love the guy and he’ll always be remembered for his play in the first two games against Bama and for making the winning catch just as he should be. However, do Williams and Leggett not deserve the same type of credit for having big games that night or for making great catches on the final drive to make that catch possible?

Does Williams get less credit for not getting the chance to make the catch due to Bama purposely interfering with him the play before? What if Williams didn’t demand a double team on the final play or Scott didn’t perfectly execute the rub?

Not to mention all of those guys had by far bigger career stats, or do they deserve less praise for being rated higher out of high school?

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 11:11 PM

In Clemson lore, you can't leave them out, but there's only so many spots on the video clip.

Would you rather have a perfectly executed pick play for the actual TD with DW4 running in the background, or the PI play where no one caught the ball?

C'mon man, a little common sense. Williams is in plenty of highlight reels. Leggett in several. Tay, not so much, because many of his great scores were called back because of poorly executed blocks by his fellow receivers. But Tay's blocking technique was impeccable. He deserves to be shown in HR13's highlight.

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 1, 2018 11:16 PM

The question was should Renfrow be in the ROH, and then someone suggested he should be based on making the winning catch in the NC game. I was simply pointing out how it wouldn’t seem fair to put him in simply because of that over guys who helped make that play possible while also having better numbers in their careers. Not sure about any highlight reel unless I completed missed something.

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 2, 2018 8:00 AM

True, my bad. I see from the timeline that your response was immediate and preceded any other discussion about Hunter's other contributions.

I stand by my later comment though, that Hunter's resume of great, timely, game-changing, season-altering plays is roughly twice that of anyone other than DW4.

Williams had several of them in one season. Deshaun himself, our greatest player, only did it over 2.5 seasons. Hunter has been doing it for 4.

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 2, 2018 9:02 AM

Again before saying any of this, let me be clear that I think Renfrow is great. He's one of my favorites ever, and he'll always be a legend at Clemson for making the winning catch alone.

However, when talking about the ROH IMO, there are many others that will probably never get in that would qualify to go in before he would.

I know you're talking about game-changing plays and not stats, but in terms of stats Renfrow has 152 receptions, 1,789 yards, and 15 touchdowns in 43 career games. That comes out to about 3.5 receptions, and 42 yards per game with around 5 touchdowns per season. There's nothing wrong with that, especially considering where he started, but I just don't view that as being ROH worthy.

Then to address season changing plays. Yes, Renfrow had the two big games against Bama, and I'm not taking anything away from that. I think people forget how Williams made a big touchdown catch of his own early in the 4th quarter of that game, a big 26 yard reception to set up our 2nd touchdown of the 4th quarter, and then made a crazy catch down the field to get us into Alabama territory on the final drive. He then drew a pass interference call that could have been his own game winning touchdown catch had Bama not pulled him down in order to get us to the 2 yard line on that final play. That's not to mention the one-handed catch by Leggett to get us inside the 10 on that drive. Renfrow played great that night so again, I'm not taking anything away from him, but he was 4th on the team in receiving yards in that game.

What about in that same season where Leggett made game winning touchdown catches on our final offensive drives against Louisville and FSU?

I'd have no problem with a statue of him making the winning catch in the NC game or something like that presented in a way to celebrate the team. I would just be a bit bothered to see him get into the ROH ahead of guys who had better numbers, and in many ways made it possible for him to make some of the plays he did because they demanded the attention of the defense. I don't mean that last sentence to take away from his talent or things he's done, but if we're being honest then if Renfrow was the #1 guy Bama wanted to stop on that final play then someone else probably would've made that catch instead.

Re: Hunter Renfrow

Posted: Oct 2, 2018 1:07 AM

Before he is done they will be naming buildings after him.

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