Topic: Funny coots at the lake
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Replies: 8  

Funny coots at the lake

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 1:21 AM

I became the bath house taxi at the lake today, in my F250.I have a Clemson plate and paw on the rear glass. An obvious tiger fan. When i pulled in at 1pm, I noticed thier "campsite". 2 gamecock tail gate canopys and what looked to be a very small food vendor trailer. With 2 or 3 generations of ##### drinking beer and playing cornhole. Anyway, I'm shuttling kids and women to the bath house and these red necks just stare me down every time I drive by. We left at 8, and as we drove by, one of them had finally drank enough liquid courage to imitate what, I'm guessing was a roosters call?
At first it annoyed me, and then I started laughing....I've been laughing about it all night. How could that make anyone mad? He looked like he was trying to make a baby smile for a picture. Doing the whole chicken dance thing too, like he was hypnotised.
Why do they do it? We're talking about a grown man, imagineing that he's chicken.

I just dont get it.

Re: Funny coots at the lake

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 2:41 AM

"I just dont get it."

ya never will

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Re: Funny coots at the lake

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 3:35 AM

He's probably the same neck house I drive by everyday on my way to work with a COOT tag that starts with 21,000 series and 3 C0ck flags dangling from the front porch of his matchbox house! I'd be willing to bet none of that hideous sh1t was there 4 years ago!!!!!!! Coots are soooo fickle!!!!

Re: Re: Funny coots at the lake

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 3:37 AM

I have a Tiger plate that starts with 6,000 so that will give you a nice reference point!!!

Alcohol, fun, sun and celebrations usually prove to be a

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 6:03 AM

recipe for the unraveling of mankind...especially when there are copious quantities of all the ingredients. I have heard bird calls, duck calls, bear growls, dog barks, tiger roars and chicken clucking in my day and seen accompanying dancing, strutting, crawling, arm flapping, leg kicking and belly groveling.

I've seen old men, young men, fat women, skinny women, tall people, short people, nice-looking folks, ugly folks...about any type of person one could imagine succumb to the rigors of hefty glass, cup or mug raising...and proceed to make utter fools of themselves, much to either the disgust or delight of onlookers. No doubt, at times, I've been one of those participants in the frivolities of life.

Thus, over the years I've learned to shrug off such improprieties...and when not participating, say, "There but for the grace of God go I." LOL

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If they would just love co cks and

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 6:13 AM

corn holing in private it would help!


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We've got to find you a more discriminating lake****

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 6:34 AM

Re: Funny coots at the lake

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 7:10 AM

they may look like grown men on the outside, (fat, hair receding etc...) but obviously you were dealing with a couple of children infatuated with ##### and chickens.

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Drunk ##### Tend To Be Limp and Lame***

Posted: Jul 5, 2013 10:14 AM

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Replies: 8  


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