Topic: Front Page Story: Jack Arute says ACC stock rising with Clemson-FSU clash
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Replies: 9  

Front Page Story: Jack Arute says ACC stock rising with Clemson-FSU clash

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:05 PM

Jack Arute says ACC stock rising with Clemson-FSU clash

Longtime sideline reporter and current college football radio host Jack Arute says that this Saturday's game between Clemson and FSU is the biggest in ACC history, and that the two programs are helping the ACC flex its competitive muscle. Full Story »

Musta been rough growing up with a name like that.***

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:11 PM

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Anybody remember the Jack Arute drinking game?

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:15 PM

Circa mid 1980's.

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Opps -- it's the Musberger drinking game--Jack is a part of

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:19 PM

A little dated and with a Big 12 slant--here is the Musberger Drinking Game

Don't know if anyone has posted this yet...
This should make next year's televised college games much more drunk...err..exciting.

While watching the Big 12 Championship game it dawned on a friend of
mine that all those stupid little "Brent-isms" would be primed for a good old fashioned drinking game. Also it may be the only way to listen to a Musberger broadcast without throwing a hammer through the screen. To protect his anonymity he goes by the moniker Lou. I present to you, Lou's
Brent Musberger Drinking Game. Not for those under 21 (yeah right)

Play at your own risk. It is conceivable your whole party will be shitfaced with 8 mins remaining in the 1st quarter.
*Note: Partner is spelled "Pardner," because that's the way Brent says it.

Rule #1: "The Pardner" A person is picked to be the Pardner at the beginning of the game. The first time Brent says "Pardner," the Pardner has to take 1 drink, and then picks someone else to be the Pardner. The next time Brent says it, the new Pardner has to take 2 drinks, and then pick a new Pardner, and so on and so on. The Pardner must wear a special "Pardner" hat.

Rule #2: "Folks" Everyone drinks 1 when Brent says "Folks." However, if Brent says "Hold on Folks", everyone must drink once but the first
person to drink has to finish their drink for not holding on.

Rule #3: "It's a foot race!". Whenever Brent says "It's a foot race" everyone has to finish their drink. The first one done becomes "That Man" and gets to punch the Pardner in the arm.

Rule #4: "There's that man again". After someone becomes "That Man," they get to give away 3 drinks to someone of their choosing the next time
Brent says "That Man." That person then becomes "That Man." If Brent says "That Man" before "It's a footrace," The Pardner becomes That Man. If The Pardner becomes That Man first, he gets to punch the new That Man in the arm twice after giving away the 3 drinks. There must also be a special hat for "That Man."

Rule #5: "Dr. Pepper". Every time Brent says "Dr. Pepper" everyone has to yell out "I'M A PEPPER!" and take 2 drinks. Afterwards, each person must
give out a satisfied "AAAAAAAHHHHH!", as if in a Dr. Pepper commercial. Anyone who fails to do so must drink again.

Rule #6: "Jack Arute". Whenever Brent says "Our ol' buddy Jack Arute" everyone has to say "AROOOOOOT!" Last one to do it has to do a shot. If everyone does it simultaneously, the Pardner must do a shot.

Rule #7: "In the college game". Whenever Brent says this little gem, everyone must say "Shut the f**k up Brent", drink 2, and punch the Pardner
in the arm.

Rule #8: Mentioning a Big 10 school during a Big 12 game. Whenever Brent does this, the first person who names the Big 10 school's mascot gets to
make somebody drink for 11 seconds, since there's 11 schools in the Big 10.

Rule #9: Calling a touchdown before the player actually scores. For example, during an interception return, Brent says "It's a touchdown!"
before the player actually scores. In this case, everyone must start drinking and continue to drink until the player actually does score. If by
some odd event, the player does NOT score, everyone must finish their drink.

Rule #10: "Gary, my man". Whenever Brent says "Gary, my man", the Pardner gets to choose someone to be Gary. From that point on, that person must be referred to as "Gary, my man" until the game is over. "Gary, my man" gets to give away 5 drinks the rest of the game any time Brent says "Gary, my man". If someone talks to "Gary, my man" without calling him that, they have to do a shot. If there is someone playing the game actually named Gary, that person is automatically "Gary, my man".

Rule #11: "The Major". If Brent has a pet nickname for one of the players during the game, for example calling Major Applewhite "The Major",
everyone must drink 5 anytime Brent uses this nickname. However, "Gary, my man" does not drink but gets to give away 5 drinks since this person already has a nickname of their own.

Rule #12: "John Saunders". The first time Brent quips with John Saunders, everyone must drink 1. The next time, everyone must drink 2, and so on
and so on.

Rule #13: In the booth. Whenever there's a camera shot of Brent in the booth, the Pardner must make a toast to Brent. After the toast, everyone must drink 1

Rule #14: "My Friend" Every Pardner gets to choose a "Friend." The friend must always get up to get the Pardner another drink (since the Pardner
will be doing quite a bit of that). However, when Brent utters "My Friend" the friend gets to punch the Pardner in the arm for making him get up so

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Picture is going to look a lot better when the Cardinal

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:18 PM

replaces the $hitty Twerp.

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Somewhere Tommy Bowden is smiling.***

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:38 PM

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Why is there a leprechan in the picture,...

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 1:43 PM

Shouldn't it be a "HALF of a leprechan"?

One can buy ACC stock? *L****

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 2:25 PM

I listen to channel 91 on xm whenever i'm in the car. I'm

Posted: Oct 17, 2013 2:29 PM

not at all impressed with Arute. He is very into himself and some mythical persona. When he talks you can tell he doesn't watch half the teams he talks about. He is rude to any caller that doesn't agree with him. Two or three days a week is co host is Rick Neuheisel. Now that is a great host. He is very knowledgable about the game, affable, and (although he is constantly touting the PAC-12) he comes across as very unbiased.

FSU woul not have dominated the ACC when they joined if we

Posted: Oct 18, 2013 2:39 AM

still had Ford. Clemson was a better team and program in the late 80s than FSU. But as we all know, Lennon's ego ran off Ford and we wandered in the wilderness until we got TB. TB turned things around, but he never effectively replaced Richod and Barker and the admin didn't give him the money and support they promised until late in his tenure.

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