Topic: Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?
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Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?

Posted: Mar 23, 2019 11:11 PM

It’s been two weeks on the same subject about the coach and team funding. Is our football pride trickledown to basketball now? We have a great upcoming Baseball team and golf team. Let’s not forget how hard it is to be great at all sports. Florida was the last school that won both BCS and NCAA Tournament. Can we financially compete with state schools?

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e GO AWAY!! Do you know what an "ego" is? Can you live

Posted: Mar 23, 2019 11:21 PM

without one?


Re: Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 7:36 AM

What we have lost is perspective. Our b-ball had a good year this year. Competitive in almost every game, 20+ wins and a post season birth all with our star player playing with an injured leg. Unfortunately our fans were spoiled last year with a great season so now the sky is falling and BB has to go.

We were spoiled by one great season out of

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 8:02 AM

8? Clemson basketball fans can be viewed plenty of ways, but I dont think spoiled is one of them

Re: Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 8:11 AM

I don't think we have lost perspective at all. Would you be happy with a 10 win season next year and a New Years day Bowl game vs a conference championship (in football) and a trip to the CFP's?
That's the difference. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is the equivalent of the CFP'S. The NIT is a bowl game.
And the problem is not just being competitive. This year's basketball might have been competitive, but where they lacked was the ability to close out several key contests that had they won they might have made the "Big Dance" vs the NIT.
So for those of us that care about all sports at Clemson, we want to see them get to the CFP's, the CWS Championship, and the NCAA Basketball tournament( both men's and women's)
And I don't think that is having an ego.

Re: Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 8:41 AM

Clemson fans have proved in the past that when there is an exciting and winning product on the floor that they will fill the seats. So no, its not about ego its about wanting a product that reflects Clemson sports. The women have turned their program around in one season and there are more fans at their games this year. And if this trend continues there will be more fans attending their games next year and that is what I want from the men's program.

Re: if we were talking about football

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 12:45 PM

The key to your response is your phrase "would you be happy". Simple answer is YES.

Because i A) trust Dabo's process and B) believe the players and coaches have done all they could to win those other games, and C) believe DRad will address when his employees fail to meet expectations; therefore, i never need to call for a coach to be fired.
Sometimes in spite of great planning and preparation, someone else just performed better. If that was all it took to make me unhappy and demand the source of my unhappiness be summarily removed from my life, i'd be a miserable person.

There is a process in place for missing expectations, and joining the "Snotown pi**ing on Brownell" bandwagon isn't part of that process.

Brownell hasn't blown my confidence like he apparently has yours. The difference between W and L is minute at our level, so i want to know what he uses his assistants for? Or his bench? No way Coach Roy draws up his team's final play in a close game, especially when he's in the locker room. So if Brownell had more money for Assistants, how would he use it?

Other than recruiting, which will never be a level playing field, and cheating, what enables a coach to turn 3* athletes into an above .500 program in the ACC? Do any of us know?

I think there are lots of discussion points to be made short of the nuclear option of firing the coach and setting the program back 5 years.

But every idiotic 'fire the coach' thread derails actual conversation.

Re: Do we really care about Basketball or is it our ego?

Posted: Mar 24, 2019 12:48 PM

LOL a Clemson BBall fan spoiled ?
That koolaid you drinking is rotten

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