Topic: Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season
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Replies: 7  

Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season

Posted: Feb 1, 2019 6:08 PM

Clemson, potentially, and I would say probably, would have won back to back nattys... Given the fact that bama did not run us off the field offensively, DW4 having already played this same bama team and beat them, DW4 having the ability to stretch the field with a legit passing game, DW4 being also being a threat with his legs, DW4 being able to execute great read options and play action passes would have given our defense more time off the field to rest. DW4 would have been a major difference in us scoring more points than 6 would have made up more than the 18 point difference on the scoreboard.
this also leads to the coming of TL to take the torch directly from DW4 in the sense that by game 6 rather than game 4, Dabo would still have made the decision to make the switch to TL from KB to get positioned for the post season run...
I wholly believe that if DW4 had played his senior season, we would have won 3 in a row by now rather than 2 in 4 years... We can't change the past, but that surely would have been nice!

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Re: Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season

Posted: Feb 1, 2019 6:36 PM

Call me crazy, but I'm glad that we didn't. We aren't Alabama - these things still mean so much to us, that it brings tears to think about it.

When we won the '06 Championship, it was the dream team. DW4, Boulware. In the stands, we were hugging everyone we could find, people were crying, it was amazing. It made all the hard years worth it - we made it! They stood on the shoulders of Tajh, Nuk, CJ, and more, and made something happen that very possibly may not have ever happened again.

This year, we had the Power Rangers. Guys that could've been first-rounders but came back because they love Clemson so much. We all feel that, and it's what makes Clemson different. We didn't just want to win it all, we wanted to win it for those guys. It was special. And they created a dynasty.

The year in between was a great team. But it didn't have that special factor. And if we had won it, it's kinda strange to say, but it would have taken away from the first Championship. If they aren't special - if it's just expected - then we're Alabama. And that's not fun. We want to be thrilled when we win. Amazed. Proud. When we expect it every year, like Bama, it's not fun anymore, and we aren't Clemson anymore.

Kind odd to say, but we need to keep that chip on the shoulder, and keep it special.

Edit: Sometimes I don't spel so good.

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I would have to call you crazy...

Posted: Feb 1, 2019 11:46 PM

and can understand what you thinking at the same time. Even though you reference a fan perspective, there is the team perspective which drives it all...
Any team, any player must always have an expectation of winning, achieving the goal, getting the prize... and that doesn't make any championship not special. Fans (fanatics) should feel that any championship is special, almost a right, when you consider that there is always the fact that somebody or some team is going to win the championship. What fans should not do is lose sight of the fact that at any given moment, your team can meet defeat.
Teams that fail to remember that defeat can come at any moment are doomed to meet defeat, but I have every confidence that our staff can keep the team motivated no matter how many repeats that we experience... and I want to see them work that magic too...

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Re: Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season

Posted: Feb 2, 2019 11:10 AM

I feel same way about having that special year vs. winning it all because all the others were having similar year. ‘17 team gave everything thing they had but it wasn’t enough. The ‘15 team gave everything but they didn’t know how to win under the big pressure situation (plus were dealt a tough hand with injuries). The ‘16 and ‘18 teams are truly special and proved it on and off the field.

Re: Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season

Posted: Feb 1, 2019 6:40 PM

If DW4 had came back for his senior season, Clemson would have 3-peated this season. That I have no doubt.

Re: Daydreaming; If DW4 played his 4th season

Posted: Feb 2, 2019 10:36 AM

I agree. I also think we will get at least one more in the next two years, so that would have been at least 4 in 5 years. I suppose we will have to settle for at least 3 in 5. ??

On a completely other side, if Duke had offered

Posted: Feb 1, 2019 6:50 PM

Deshawn basketball scholarship, we would have never had him. Things work out.


Posted: Feb 2, 2019 10:38 AM

It would have been a crap shoot, imo.

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