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Basketball Needs a Complete Makeover

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 2:39 PM

So many things are completely rotten about basketball:

The game is riddled with ludicrous, ticky-tack fouls - all 100% subjective; affording wide-open opportunities for any ref to toss a win or loss to any team for any reason (any CROOKS in the house?).

Change the rules to suit the game. Simplify it. Defenders can stand/move in the path of an offensive player, wave hands and arms, etc. - but can never TOUCH an advancing player. Touch a player - you're ejected. Same applies to an advancing offensive player (with the ball) - you touch or bump a defender it's a "charge" and YOU'RE ejected.

This would boil the game down to what it's all about anyway - ball handling & shooting skills. Would most games end up with scores like "168 to 160?" Sure. But who cares? The game was never a contact sport anyway. Its essence has always been ball handling and shooting.

Stop kidding ourselves and end ALL contact. Block a shot, intercept a pass, steal a ball - fine. Just don't touch an opposing player or you're out. Advance the ball but GO AROUND a defender - touch a defender while heading down court - you're history.

This rids the game of the entire idea of "fouling" and free throws. Refs will only be there to eject people AND - all ejections must be video reviewed by all
refs and a "booth" ref.

Today's game and its rules are laughable. The game SHOULD be about cardio-vascular fitness, ball handling and shooting.

I'm totally okay if the final score is 328 to 314. But I HATE the pretense of these phantom fouls and lying to ourselves that BB is a "contact" sport. It's no more a contact sport than track or golf.

Oh - and the TOURNAMENT? Stop handing out auto-bids to Colgate (#126); Gardner-Webb (#171); Bradley (#176); Iona (#202); Fairleigh Dickinson (#203) & N. Dakota St. #(222)!!

This reduces the "Big Dance" to the level of a YMCA social....every kid gets a trophy.

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