Topic: We didnt finish in top four of Jawun Evans...
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Replies: 9  

We didnt finish in top four of Jawun Evans...

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:11 PM

Down to Illinois, Ok St, Texas, and the real USC announced today. Svcks that he is from Greenville and we couldn't finish in top 4 even if he blew up to a top 30 player. Brad and his staff recruited him hard for over 3 years too. We were his first major offer. Get those facilities built ASAP...

Sucks to get beaten out by the likes of Illinois and USC

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:17 PM

Especially for a guy in our backyard. But do note that he didn't choose any schools from anywhere near Greenville. Maybe he just wants to get away from home for a while.

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Yup...got to secure the borders

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:17 PM

Strange list of schools though. He appears determined to leave the state.

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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Re: We didnt finish in top four of Jawun Evans...

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:19 PM

which Jawuan was he?

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It has to be Jawun or the other.***

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:27 PM

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Apparently, Jawun who's choosing another school.***

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:29 PM

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There is only one Jawun...

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 5:56 PM

He did move to Dallas before his Junior year, but we stayed on him hard. A lot of recruiting experts think Illinois leads. Did he watch that NIT game?

He probably went to a couple of our home games and witnessed

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 6:30 PM

first hand how bad most of out fans are

Re: We didnt finish in top four of Jawun Evans...

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 6:33 PM

This is Juwaun confusing thread. So we missed out on a recruit? 'Evans-to-Betsy, who'd a thunk it?

247 has us as the leader on two 4 stars right now: PF Luke

Posted: Aug 6, 2014 9:42 PM

Maye and SF Rayjon Tucker. Maye is a top 125 player and Tucker a top 100 player. With Evans, our bringing in Holmes for the next 2 years after Hall did not help. Tucker is rated pretty much a lock for us while Maye is a recent flip from UVA, and is probably still to close to call. Need a C(7'5 kid from Florida would be nice) and we probably now target a PG and CG/2G for next year. With Holmes and Roper along with Devoe who can play PG we'll be fine for 2015-16. Will need 1-2 to groom behind Holmes in 2016-17. If we can't sign a HS big man I could see us going JUCO for depth again

Replies: 9  


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