Topic: Witnessing History
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Witnessing History

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 11:57 AM

It’s been said a bunch on here before, but I just had to reiterate the historical significance of Monday night. Clemson’s 3rd National Championship, the first 15-0 team in the modern era/new CFP format, wins against the #3 and #1 teams who were both undefeated, and the obliteration of the one team that is considered to be at the peak of the most prominent dynasty ever in college football.

I’m 45, and have been a rabid Clemson fan since 1991. So all of you my age or older can appreciate all of the painful seasons that had to be endured to get to this point. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Clemson football would ascend to these heights. I always yearned for just 1 NC, and when it finally happened in 2016 (and I was there to witness it) I was fulfilled.

Now everything beyond that point is icing on the cake for me. I still haven’t fully processed the events that transpired on Monday night, but if I could have chosen how I wanted things to go the last few years I could not have dreamed up a better plot.

Dabo is an awesome coach and I love the guy to death, but I always took his “the best is yet to come” statement as coach speak. All I can say now is that the guy verbalized his vision, and then went and executed it. I am just totally in awe of what has been accomplished up to this point, and the possibilities of what is yet to come.


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Re: Witnessing History

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 1:45 PM

I agree. I told my wife when Clemson first hit Number 1 a couple of seasons ago, that we had better enjoy this now. It won't last long.

As far as "enduring," yeah, tough times. I watched as Clemson roared back from a 30-0 halftime score against NC State to 30-28. Rodney Williams passed to Tracy Johnson twice. Dropped - twice. End of game. Puntrooskie - we were there. We were behind the kicker on the Hill. I didn't see the ball until Butler was on the 50 right in front of Danny Ford.

A buddy got us tickets to a game in 2011. Opening day game. He kept on bragging about some... Sammy... somebody. Then on the opening drive, Tahj threw to this guy... "Oh THAT'S Sammy Watkins!"

We've been mediocre or knocking on Top 10 placement for decades. But now we're staying there.

Good to be a Tiger.

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