Topic: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?
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When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

emoji_events [6]
Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:37 AM

Just curious when the alums here graduated and your most memorable sports moments from those years.

I graduated in 91 and have some from different sports:

* The 89 FSU football game where we went down to Tally and Danny whooped up on Bobby (went to that one - fun!). I remember watching a replay of the game and seeing Danny smirk and shake his head when the FSU mascot planted the spear at midfield. We were sitting in the end zone bleachers and were jumping up and down so much we broke the wooden bleachers there at Doak!

* Went to every bowl game while I was enrolled. Saw us beat Paterno and Penn St, Switzer and Oklahoma, as well as West Virginia and Illinois. Naturally, I think we were underdogs in every game!

* Winning the soccer national championship, at home at Riggs Field, my freshman year. Went to every home game that year - regular season and tourney. Great season!

* Beating Duke at home to win the ACC regular season basketball title. Too bad we couldn't have won the tourney, but we had a killer season with Dale Davis, Elden Campbell, etc. Littlejohn was so crowded the fire marshall was there trying to alleviate the crowd but he had no luck!

Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:48 AM

I graduated in 1984. My most memorable sports moment was going to the 1981 National Championship game in Miami! Another one is when we beat #1 Duke at Littlejohn. The arena was severely overcrowded! The fire marshals had a fit. Fans were sitting in the aisles.

Go Tigers!!!

Also 1984, also went to Miami, sat in the aisle for the Duke

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:55 AM


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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:51 AM

Graduated in 2007

Clemson GT Gameday Game

Clemson FSU win in 2004

For Basketball my best memory was probably VT senior night when we scored on a last second dunk by Ford. The plays were all done by Seniors to lead to the victory.

Soccer was an Elite 8 game at home that we won. Cant remember the year though.

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98. Two stand out...

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:51 AM

Beating So Car in WB 38-17 when Emory Smith ran all over them in 95.

Beating UNC in the ACC tourney in hoops in 96. Jamison to Buckner for the win.

We also beat Kentucky, who i think were a top 5 team, the next year and I remember all of Daniel Square partying afterwards.

We were just mediocre in football during that time but Barnes had the b-ball program going pretty well those years. I loved that team and Boogie may forever be my favorite Clemson hooper.

Re: 98. Two stand out...

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:25 AM

yep that may be as highly ranked as hoops ever was


Re: 98. Two stand out...

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:28 AM

'99 and was gonna also say that Kentucky game. Just amazing. Def a great hoops season.

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Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:52 AM

Many memorable moments .
One of my favorites was the 1987, 21-20 comeback victory over Georgia in the Valley!
I was so stunned I couldn't even drink any beer at the Esso club for an hour after the game!

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:59 AM

In 74' undefeated at home including beating Ga and GT that year but no bowl. 71 went to Columbia to beat the favored coots 17-7. They had won maybe three in a row so that was big one. During my time there football wasnt very good and they killed the Hill run (Thanks Hootie- you idiot).


Graduated in 2010(Attended from 2004-2010)

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 10:59 AM

Was in Tigerband(04-08) and the Basketball Pep Band(Women's BB (04-06), Men's & Women's BB (06-09))

-Beating Duke 74-47(08?) in Littlejohn. Couldn't hear myself think that night. Thought I was going to pass out because when we weren't screaming we were playing pep band music.

-2004 USC football game. I hate that it ended in a fight and that we(particularly the band members) didn't get to go to a bowl game. We were on the field for pregame and the team was running through the "tunnel" of band members and then all of a sudden players started running between band members. That was only a precursor to what was too come.

-2007 ACC Basketball Tournament. Hate we couldn't beat UNC but that was an incredible tournament.

-2005 @ USC in Football. Clemson is still undefeated in Columbia when I am in attendance.

-2005 UM game in Clemson, Hate that we lost but still one heck of an experience with the noise level in Death Valley. I'm sure many of you have seen the videos but if you weren't there it is impossible to explain.

Graduated 1998

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:00 AM

Football teams were not that good, but we still had a thrill at the games.

Baseball was great.

Basketball provided some of the biggest highlights while in school. Beating Kentucky to start one year almost caused a riot, and Buckner's dunk on UNC in ACC Tourney was nuts. Camped out for a number of basketball games. So much fun at basketball games.

Most memorable sports moments while in school likely came from intramurals. If I could tell a student one thing, it's to play a ton of intramural sports. Even if you lose, you might have opportunity for a few highlights and bonding. Lifetime stories that could even include breaking a showboaters wrist in basketball when they are up by 50.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:03 AM

I did not attend Clemson ( wish I had)


Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:05 AM

Beating GA in 1981 and everyone, and I mean everyone in orange stayed in the stands for about 20 minutes after the game was over, just cheering. Was a weird special moment.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:06 AM

1995 - sadly not many great moments to remember in football - Tommy West as the coach - we played pretty good D but pretty bad on O - Peach Bowl victory over Kentucky was the highlight - beat highly ranked UNC in Bball at home - unfortunately not much else to brag about - makes these last 7 to 8 years all the more awesome !!

Graduated Dec 2000. I stayed and worked in the area for

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:11 AM

a year after. It was during that time we had 9/11 happen. The Virginia football game after 9/11 will forever be a special day for me. It was the first time I remember smiling after the attack. It was a close game that we lost in the last couple mins (total Bowden style), but seeing that stadium full of people cheering for 1 goal was awesome.

That day has forever changed me at Clemson games and I to this day cannot make it through the Tigers running diwn the hill without a tear in my eye. Not sure I'm capturing the feeling adequately, but that day was the first time post 9/11 that I knew there was hope and things would be ok.

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Re:I assume you mean with clothes on, so

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:13 AM

One that stands out was the Georgia Game in '81 (Freshman year). The game itself was great, but as I was coming down from the upper deck on the south side afterwards, every few minutes a roar would just start up and die down, over and over. There were some Georgia fans mixed in, obviously, and one lady who was upset with the outcome said "At least y'all will never win a national championship". At the time, I didn't care, but I thought of her that January.

Which sports moments did they have w/o/ clothes?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 1:57 PM

Would have put that one near the top if was a wimmens sport.


Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:22 AM

I graduated in spring of 2015 (started in the fall of 2010). I would have to say the entire 2011 football season with the three straight top 25 wins, our first ACC championship in 20 years, and seeing the beginning of Dabo rebuilding us into an elite program again.

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Graduated in 2005

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:24 AM

Some of my best memories were when I was in high school. I would come up most weekends to visit my GF, now wife. Still can't believe my parents let me go 2 hours from home almost every weekend at 17 years old. My wife and I laugh now at the thought of my 12 year old asking to do that in a few years. Anyway, back to the football memories.

- 1999 Football vs. FSU (1st bowden bowl) We got to the stadium as soon as they opened the gates so we could be at the fence at the bottom of the hill. It sucked we lost, but at least it was an exciting and close game. Really enjoyed all the Peter Warrick jokes/chants during the game.

-2001 (I think) Football vs. GT This was the away game that Woody scrambled about 15 yards in OT to win the game. I remember tailgateing (if you want to call it that) in a parking garage in Atlanta with some grocery store fried chicken and the exciting ending.

- 2003 The entire year was up and down. I remember being at the FSU game and the expectations of the rest of the season after that game. We drove up to Winston-Salem the next game to watch us play WF. The freakin game was over by the 2nd quarter. It was one of Bowden's typical loses that never should have happened. The drive home wasn't fun. I didn't make it to Columbia for the 63-17 game, but vividly remember watching it at my apartment with friends and calling our gamecock friends to rub it in (Yea, I know, not the best sportsmanship, but these turds talked a bunch of smack pre-game and deserved it.) We finished the year off driving to to Atlanta for the peach bowl and the win over Tenn.

- 2005 (I think) Football vs. Texas A&M All I remember was that James Davis was a beast that game. As well as the field goal kicker.

- 2003 Basketball vs. UNC I was given 4 great tickets for this basketball game, but decided we would get our asse s handed to use so I sold them outside LJ. Don't remember how much I got, but it was a good amount for a college student. With my typical bad luck, we pulled off a victory that I heard about for at least a week or two. Felt a little stupid for not going.

Thinking about some of the sports memories brings back a lot of general college memories. Used to go to Charlie T's on Thursdays before I was 21 and remember watching a lot of Thursday night games there. They weren't particularly strict on checking ID's. Same thing with Hurricane's when that bar was downtown. I remember when I was a freshman at Mauldin hall, someone had a party on the roof and transported a keg or two up the elevator. Pretty sure that wouldn't fly today. Sorry these aren't all sports related....just good memories.

Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:31 AM

1981 Graduate

Beating South Carolina 28-9 in'76, 31-27 in'77 (The Catch - J. Butler), 41-23 in'78, 27-6 in'80, and 29-13 in'81

'81 National Championship

Beating UNC Basketball by 20 in Littlejohn

Many B-ball games just due to sitting in the "Rabble Rouser" seats (students had the first 10-15 rows right behind the benches). Watching Stan Rome, Tree Rollins, Bobby Conrad, Moose Campbell, Larry Nance, Horace Wyatt and others, while sitting directly behind the opposing bench was phenomenal. Harassing players like "All ACC Ugly - Phil Furd," and coaches like Chrome Dome - Lefty Drissel, and others was a experience that is no longer possible or tollerated (PC). SO that was special.

Baseball in the spring. When spring fever hit watching a afternoon baseball game sitting on the hill by Jervey was great. Girls would be sunbathing, there were no stands other than a couple of sets of bleachers, the field just had a chain link fence around it.

I'm sure there were more but Clemson life was so good my whole time there, it is hard to pick highlights.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:38 AM

Graduated in 1973.

My uncle was top salesman for a company that sold large cranes in the Miami area. His boss was chairman of the Orange Bowl Selection Committee. He got us 50 yard line tickets for the 1981 National Championship game. Being there for that game was definitely the best Clemson sports moment for me.

The one that bothered me the most was the puntrooskie game. Still makes me sick!!!


Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:42 AM

I remember the battles with GA and the 81 Championship. I grew up in Clemson, sold programs for the football games, was bat boy for some bb games. Lots of fond memories.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:53 AM

Graduated in 1982.

63-17 was the most fun ever!

1982 Orange Bowl as a senior.


Posted: Jun 5, 2017 11:54 AM

Definitely had some good ones while I was there, but the ones that really had a personal touch:

2000 - Clemson hosted the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament for soccer (both men and women). I took one day off from classes to watch 4 games straight... a little short of 12 hours counting breaks between games. Such a cool experience.

2001 Tangerine Bowl - Turned 21 at the game (on gameday), but it was all downhill from there. 2003 Peach Bowl made up for it.

2003 FSU - It didn't seem real until Hamilton was wide open for that long bomb... once he brought it in, that's when it started to sink in that we were really going to do this.

2003 Chickens - 63-17 felt much better than being there 2 years prior.

2005 Clemson/VT B'ball (last sporting event I went to at school) - http://www.tigernet.com/story/basketball/Unbelievable-Ford-Tigers-Beat-VT-Buzzer-4315

Graduated in 1993

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:11 PM

Football: 1989 Citrus Bowl Win over Oklahoma and 1989 Gator Bowl Win over West Virginia (Danny Ford's last game)

Basketball: Winning 1990 Regular Season ACC Championship

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1973 and my moments are not as conspicuous as some ...

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:15 PM

Most memorable moment(s) were:

1. Standing on the sidelines in DV with my Dad in 1967 when Frank Liberatore took a punt back for a TD against heavily favored Georgia. I was a youngster and I was already a Tiger fan, but when I saw how excited my Dad was at that moment, it was infectious and I became completely indoctrinated.

2. Sitting in Littlejohn in 1980 with my son when we upset #1 Duke and seeing the look on his face as he experienced his own moment of complete Tiger fan indoctrination.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:20 PM

I graduated in December '87. Go Tigers!

I was in Tiger Band Drum Line when David Treadwell kicked the winning field goal, as the clock expired, to beat Georgia in Athens - 1986! After the game and while while walking to the buses - an elderly lady (dressed in all red and black) exclaimed to us, "Pi** on Clemson!" Dang, that was funny!!!


Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:27 PM

Best memories include:
aTm 05
FSU 06
FSU 07 (Labor Day game, tailgating all day)
USuC 08 (in the rain chanting Da-bo!)

Great times.

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There's something in these hills.

1972 - "The Catch" 1***

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:32 PM

Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 12:33 PM

1994 here.
Freshman year, 1990, beating UGA at home.
Second best, the announcement of Ken Hatfield leaving.

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1992 graduate, 1989 game in Columbia

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 1:29 PM

where we won 45-0. It was so cold but didn't really care we were beating them so badly. Was sitting low in the end zone and they wheeled Terry Allen off hurt right in front of us and I knew it was bad by the look in his face.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 1:48 PM

'77 Grad.

If you mean while at Clemson it would have been beating Georgia Tech and Georgia on back to back in '74 and favored scu in 1976 after losing to them on my first trip to cola in '75.

Beating the holes in basketball at home in '75 with Skip Wise doing his Harlem Globetrotter dribble out the game act at the end was glorious.

Beating the defending National Champion nc state at home was also a great memory in '75.

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1983 Graduate, was there from 1978 to 1983...

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 1:48 PM

I was in Clemson for the 1981 National Championship. Watched the game in my apartment and then went downtown Clemson and hung out in front of Triple T for the street party.

For some reason we road tripped to Georgia in 1979 for the Georgia-USC game. Clemson did not have a game that weekend so we were looking for something to do. Clemson had beaten Georgia the previous weekend and it was like a "hate Clemson" convention. "Clemson Sux" signs were everywhere. I will never forget the numerous large open liquor bottles right inside the gate in full view. I never saw that at Clemson, but it was no big deal at Georgia. We sat on the Georgia side and they were passing around the liquor bottles in the the stands also.

The best time I ever had in Death Valley that wasn't a football game was the
Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour in 1989. That was surreal watching Mick Jagger dance around the stage in the west end zone. I think that was the weekend after the 45-0 beat down in Columbia, so that was two great weekends in a row.

Speaking of USC beat downs, I miss the times when we would have Thanksgiving AFTER the Clemson-Coot game. It was fun to see the relatives after a good win especially 1997 to 2005 for the 8 out of 9.

I don't think anything will beat the trip to Tampa this year. There are no words to describe the feeling sitting in the end zone right behind Renfrow's catch.

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1976. We were not very good at the footsball back then, to

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 2:42 PM

say the least. But, in 1974, we did manage to beat GT and Jawga in the same season for the first time since 1902. Doesn't sound like much now, but it was a big deal back then. It was part of the "Undefeated Home Season", where we were 6-0 at home. (But only 1-4 on the road.) Those of you old enough to remember will remember one of those losses, a heartbreaker in Neyland Stadium by a point to Condredge Holloway and Tennessee.

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'89 puntrooskie***

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 5:14 PM

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Graduated in 2013

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 5:22 PM

Biggest moment was Peach Bowl vs LSU. Went with my dad and younger brother. What an unbelievable experience, I think I was one of the few people there that hadn't given up hope when facing 4th and 16. It was great heckling all the LSU fans that had been running their mouths early and often.

Home basketball game in 09 against UNC was pretty cool....they were ranked top 10 and we won big. Went on to get stomped by Duke for the college gameday game

2 low points - West Va Orange Bowl and losing my last home game as a student against the coots (game that I still think we could have won!)

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 5:27 PM

I was a freshman in 87 but graduated in 92. I went to all of those football games including FSU and the Bowl games (exception Citrus as I went skiing instead). Basketball was horrendous freshman year but got better each year.

Also lets not forget the heartache of 1988 puntrrooski. I remember in 1989 all around Tally there were sign saying "The Butler did it". That was an awesome road trip.

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'84 - undergrad, '88 grad

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 5:30 PM

*Going to national championship game in Miami (and also to New Orleans for Tulane game)
*Wake Forest beatdown on Halloween in 1981 -- BIG fun at that game...82-24 (parties all weekend too)
*Watching William Perry doing a back flip and break-dancing as he was dancing at a party after a game...amazing!
*Tampa this year for the Natty - surreal!!!

*Worse moments: Going to UGA game in Athens in 1980 (horrible fans, even worse when they win) and watching Punt-Rooskie happen live (uuuggghhhhh)

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Graduating in August. Some of the best times of my life!

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 6:03 PM

There's so many sports-related memories that i've accrued during my 5-year journey at Clemson, but the most significant of those are football related. Of course, the basketball NIT Semifinal run was incredibly fun, as was the home-win over #7 Duke in Littlejohn, and the ACC Tournament win in baseball during Monte Lee's 1st season. But for the sake of time/post-length, i'll just elaborate on football. So, my most memorable football moments during my time at Clemson were...

- Clemson vs. Auburn (College Kickoff - Atlanta, GA): First Clemson football game as a college student. Went down with my roommates and stayed in a cheap motel. Watched Andre Ellington run all over Auburn's defense in the Georgia Dome.

- Clemson vs. LSU (Chick-fil-A Bowl): 4th & 16. Tajh to Nuk. That is all.

- Clemson vs. UGA (Home Game): First College Gameday experience as a student against a terrific, highly ranked UGA squad. One of the most fun games I experienced in Death Valley. Had seats in the very top left corner of the south-side upper deck, and even though we could barely see the game, celebrating with my friends (and the complete strangers sitting around us) after Seckinger's & Brooks' TD, and even more so after the win, was one of the most Euphoric feelings i'd ever had at a Clemson game (up to that point).

- Clemson vs. Ohio State (BCS Orange Bowl): Clemson's 2nd BCS bowl game appearance in school history saw us face a very hyped tOSU team. Cut my Christmas Break short and travelled back up to Clemson to watch the game at the Esso Club. I've never seen Esso as hyped up as they were when Shuey laid out Braxton Miller. After the win, I thought that would be my peak Clemson football experience. Boy was I wrong.

- Clemson vs. UGA II (Athens, GA): Despite losing, this was my first road trip to a different university campus for a football game. My best friend was playing football for the Dawgs, so he showed me and all my friends around the Georgia locker room, downtown Athens, and lots of other things. I saw Deshaun Watson's first career snap as a Clemson Tiger, which was even more incredible to watch in person. I knew incredible things were in store for us in the future after seeing Deshaun throw that beautiful gem to Charone Peake for a TD. Losses suck, but I had one of the best weekends of my life with some amazing friends.

- Clemson vs. UNC (Home Game): Deshaun Watson did Deshaun Watson-type things, en route to his record setting 6 TD performance against the Tar Holes.

- Clemson vs. S. Carolina (Home Game): The day the streak was broken and a new streak was born. Deshaun played on a torn ACL and torched SC in the process. That elusive Artavis Scott TD where he tighrope-walked down the sideline into the endzone will forever be one of my favorite moments. What was even better was that I got to gloat in the faces of my friends that went to UofSC that had stayed with me for the game. They talked so much trash pre-game, but their silence after the game was all too sweet.

- Clemson vs. Oklahoma (Russell Athletic Bowl): Cole Stoudt reached peak-form and embarrassed the Sooners. An absolute shellacking that was incredibly sweet to watch

- Clemson vs. FSU (2015): An incredibly nerve racking game, which became even more nerve wracking considering what happened the last time a top 5 FSU team had visited Death Valley on College Gameday. The win solidified our first ACC Atlantic title since 2011, and dreams of a natty were becoming more and more realistic

- Clemson vs. UNC (ACC Championship Game): CHAMPS!! First ACC Title since 2011, and our spot in the CFB Playoff was set in stone

- Clemson vs. Oklahoma (Orange Bowl; Playoff Semifinal): The Sooners were embarrassed by the Tigers once again, despite the number of "experts" who thought OU would breeze to a victory. The Teasdall to Wilkins fake-punt will forever be etched into my memory.

- Clemson vs. Alabama (Part I): First National Championship appearance in my life. Everything felt so surreal. Unfortunately, I had pneumonia during the game which prevented me from having the mental capacity to completely invest my emotions into the game. I always had assumed I'd be ecstatic just from a Natty APPEARANCE, but losing to the Tide was one of the most painful things I experienced. I knew that we could beat them, and our status as one of CFB's elite was validated. I wanted a National Title, and I knew we could win one.

- Clemson vs. S. Carolina (Home Game): 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7 56-7

- Clemson vs. Ohio State (Fiesta Bowl; Playoff Semifinal): Another win over the Buckeyes, despite nobody predicting us to win. Except this time, it was a much more decisive victory. But an even more incredible feeling than destroying tOSU by 31 points was knowing that we'd get another shot againt Bama in the Championship.

- Clemson vs. Alabama (Part II): I still have no words for this. To be honest, I still don't think it's completely hit me that we are the National Champions. It was a moment I had dreamed of since I was a little boy, only I never even dreamed that i'd actually get to experience it. Tears of joy were shed, and the celebration with my friends and peers in the streets of downtown Clemson is something i'll be telling my children and grandchildren about many many years from now. We finally made it.

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Re: When did you graduate CU and most memorable sports moments?

Posted: Jun 5, 2017 6:07 PM

Undergrad in 89, grad in 92.

87 uga football game. Incredible finish.
89 FSU - watched it from TTT
Beating Dook for the reg season championship
85 Uga game. We lost, but it was my first game as a student. Foggy memories of the post-game festivities.
86 Md game after which Ford drew a ban.

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