Topic: What makes each USux victory even more
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What makes each USux victory even more

Posted: Nov 30, 2019 5:45 PM

sweeter than than the last one was remembering how obnoxious our feathered friends were for five years in a row. And, out of the best five best years in their history they could only win ONE division championship and then got stomped in the championship game.

Who goes around, comes around.


Posted: Nov 30, 2019 5:56 PM

That Pitchfork Ben is a cruel one:
1) let them get Ray Tanner and win two baseball championships so...
2) they would make him AD and empower him to renegotiate
3) Frank Martin, who would take their hoops to its highest point, then get rewarded with an enormous buyout and
4) Botch the exit of Spurrier, squander the best 5 year run in their football history, then hire
5) The ice salesman, Muschump, who was so mediocre that he was rewarded with an $18 million buyout himself, then
6) to top it off, had them conduct the clumsiest presidential search ever, only to end up with a total bozo
7) Not to mention tainting the basketball success with a pay for play recruiting scandal, PLUS football sanctions

You gotta be patient with that guy, but he always gets the job done. So glad to be a TIGER!!

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