Topic: What a difference 10-15 years make
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What a difference 10-15 years make

Posted: Aug 16, 2017, 10:47 AM

If you would have told me back then that we would have two 4 star(Crowder, Pollard) and a 5 star (Hyatt) starting on OL, I would have thought everyone here would been thinking no team could stop us.

In addition to that line, if you told me that our RBs consisted of all 4 stars (Fuller,Feaster,Choice,Etienne), people on Tigernet would be posting how we on going to run over everybody we play.

On top of the OL and WRs, if you said our starting recievers consisted of 4 star (Richard) at TE, 4 star (Cain) 5 star (McCloud) and walk on/Bama killer (Renfrow) starting at WR, with five more 4 star receivers (Chase,Thompson,Overton,Higgins,Rodgers) backing them up, everyone's mind would have been blowing up.

And on top of all of that, if you said that our QBs were #1 high school QB (Johnson), one that holds all passing records in Florida history (Israel), and three other 4 stars (Bryant,Cooper,Brice), every single person on this board would have been predicting that our offense would be the best in school history.

Saw a post from earlier this morning "Becoming clear that Offense will be a problem @ start of YR". Wow have things changed drastically hasn't it?

I know recruiting stars don't put points on the board. Just ask Alabama about Renfrow. I just think it's funny how some are freaking out about our offense now as compared to how optimistic they would have been 10 years ago. You can say standard of expectation has been raised.


I remember the excitment over the 2002 recruitng class.

Posted: Aug 16, 2017, 12:12 PM

Because we signed three 4 star recruits. That class had Tiger nation jacked with Kelvin Grant, Justin Miller, Brandon Cannon, Tymere Zimmerman, Jeff Francour, Anthony Waters and Will Proctor.

Turned out to be a really good class with 2 stars Gaines Adams and Duane Coleman emerging as well.

But it would be considered a bit disappointing today..only 3 four star recruits.

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