Topic: Well all can agree that Tillman was personally a POS
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Well all can agree that Tillman was personally a POS

Posted: Jun 9, 2020, 6:18 PM

However, let's at least get the renaming date right. According to the BOT, the renaming took place in 1946. Will I lose sleep over it being named something else...no.

(https://tigerprints.clemson.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1426&context=trustees_minutes) See page 35.


46. In accordance with the report of the Buildings and Grounds Committee it was recommended that the following names be given to certain buildings and roads on the campus:
1 . Main Building -- Tillman Hall
2. Road parallel with the highway near the peach orchard on which the pre-fabricated houses are located --Morrison Road

3.New road near Hanover House -- Colonial Circle
4. Barracks 1 -- Simpson Hall
5. Barracks 2 --Johnstone Hall

In addition, it was argued in this MA Thesis that the naming may have been a favor to Ben's son by President Poole.


"The timing and parties involved are curious indeed considering that one of
Tillman’s sons addressed alumni on the 50th anniversary of Clemson College’s first
graduation only two days after the committee formally voted on the proposed names.
Furthermore, the same Tillman son wrote to President Poole on May 20, 1946, thanking
him for the naming of Tillman Hall, saying, “I am grateful beyond words for your efforts
to have the main building known and named Tillman building.”118 This could simply be
an innocent thank you for a meaningful gesture in memory of one’s parent. However, this
letter in conjunction with the words of David Watson implying that the building names
were President Poole’s idea may merit more investigation. Perhaps President Poole and
B. R. Tillman had a connection that accounts for the suggestions by Poole. It is also
possible that the names chosen were simply because Poole honestly believed that Tillman
deserved to be honored in that way due to his outstanding record of service to the school.
However, it should be noted that B. R. Tillman corresponded frequently with Poole in the
last few years of his life, even requesting that Poole serve as the executor of his estate.

Re: Well all can agree that Tillman was personally a POS

Posted: Jun 9, 2020, 6:30 PM

just like we can all agree cop in MN is a murderer...doesn’t change anything really

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Re: Well all can agree that Tillman was personally a POS

Posted: Jun 9, 2020, 6:58 PM

I beleive that you need to add one more statement to your argument. ### was a POS "based on today's standards". That is without argument. Before you tag me as a slave trader or something-phobic, please understand this. These people that everyone is trying to hate now were man of distinction in their time. The state, or the general public, would not have allowed the naming of buildings, roads and the placing of statues for these men if they were seen in that time as they are seen now. The time you are talking about was when Clemson was a men's only military school. Should we also pull back all of the degrees awarded in those times? Should we dig up the passed people that were involved with the school and bury them in a pauper's grave? If you follow this path, soon you will find yourself auguring for a change to the name of the university itself. Of course Tillman would be a bad guy by todays standards. Are we now looking at a movement to reset history every few years like and echasketch drawing? The men and women of today will be viewed differently in 50 or 100 years, and probably vilified by future generations, let's hope by then the world will have healed itself for this haterd of our own past. In not, there will no longer be any history at all. Finally, no, we can never all agree on anything and someone writing it, doesn't make it so.

Re: Well all can agree that Tillman was personally a POS

Posted: Jun 9, 2020, 7:52 PM

There is probably no doubt this university wouldn't exist without Tillman; however, even in his day he was no saint.

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