Topic: Wait, what? Did Dabo just threaten to leave Clemson?
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Replies: 24  

Wait, what? Did Dabo just threaten to leave Clemson?

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:17 PM

"I just want to win by one more point. If that ever gets to where that is not enough, it is definitely time for me to move on to somewhere else."

And just in case we may have mis-read what he was saying, he repeated...

"If 12-0 is not enough, then it is time to seek other places."

"There are a lot of places that would love to have the program we have here. I can assure you that."

And finally...

"12-0 ain't good enough? Then it's time for me to seek other places. Make sure you get that."

Is that really necessary? Virtually nobody is unhappy. Some people are nervous about our D, but nobody is against the coaching staff or the players. I can't help but feel that was an unnecessary threat.




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Are you being for real?

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:23 PM

Tell me you're knot...

What did he mean?***

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:24 PM

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I took at what he has ALWAYS said.

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:43 PM

Just winning by 1 point is enough.That if you think winning a game feels like a loss then maybe this shouldn't be YOUR team. Not once did I read into Dabo saying he was giving the fan base his "goodbye" tongue lashing.
This started with a bad article written for #### reason other than click bait. And it offended Dabo and you bet your sweet Clemson hide that you'd speak up against critics of YOUR family too! I don't blame him one bit!

The only problem I have is with the threat. Going after

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:47 PM

the nutty people who complain about a 21 point win is awesome. Defending your players and coaches is awesome. Saying that such criticism is "shameful" is awesome.

But he threatened us. I think people are choosing to ignore that.

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I can't defend what you choose to take from it.

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:52 PM

I didn't take it that way. That's my take.

It's a mess at a time when ALL of Clemson should be celebrating the 5 streak.Instead we have a fanbase in turmoil. It would be laughable if it didn't suck so bad this started from within for a few clicks!

So are you denying the quote is accurate?

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:54 PM

This isn't a matter of interpretation. He literally said the words... "If that ever gets to where that is not enough, it is definitely time for me to move on to somewhere else."

I'm not looking to be negative, I am just accepting the reality of the words he used.

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What more can I say. It's a matter of did he really say it

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:04 AM

Like you think he did? Are you swallowing this pill to the bitter end? It's no different than him getting asked about would he leave someday. He said "Never say never, but he's happy here." Now imagine if that would have been interpreted all this time as Dabo says he's gonna leave Clemson because he didnt just say no he wouldn't!

Your word for word quote is accurate, counsel. I just don't hear the same ring its tone as you.

I don't know how he meant it. I just know that he said it.

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:07 AM

The fact that the quote is accurate is a problem.

I'm not fretting that he is leaving. I am disappointed that he made that quote. He created a problem with the words he used, regardless of how anyone interprets it.

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Agree. Fans are going to talk. Minutes after watching a guy

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:59 PM

like Bentley throw for 500 yards, fans are going to wonder what UGA might do. Call that out if you want to. But geez, recognize that people don't talk that way 24 hours later and that no one is saying you have less than 100% support. You just cashed a $500K check for that month, with 70 more guaranteed, so somebody somewhere supports you. Threatening to leave is not a good look there.

Re: Wait, what? Did Dabo just threaten to leave Clemson?

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:33 PM

Just my opinion but it seems to be a petty and nitpicky reason to threaten to leave his position. Those comments were likely made on the spur of the moment and need to be reconsidered.

I agree. I'm a huge Dabo fan but I think many are failing to

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:36 PM

understand what Dabo just said to his own fanbase. It's actually a major statement.

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Right. That was a gauntlet thrown. Saban went off on the

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:08 AM

students, but he never said he needed to go to where students support the team better. He didn't say it because:
(1) students elsewhere don't support their team better
(2) for $10 million/year he can put up with lazy students
(3) to lay out a condition like that means he'll have to make good on it if the students don't show up for the next La Tech game.

Dabo spoke in a heated moment. Fine. He needs to take it back. Because that's not the last fan who will say something unreasonable. Then what?

I was on the Dabo train when lots of others were not sure.

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:16 AM

I saw his press conference when he was named HC, called my wife and daughter to watch it, and said, "I don't care if he goes 7-5 forever, he needs to be the face of Clemson from now on." Our W-L record never affected my thoughts on that.

Against that, the "maybe its time to leave" comment bothers me a lot. That is not the Dabo about whom I said, "Lets keep him forever regardless of W-L". If we are getting into Danny Ford "I'm bigger than than reality" territory, it won't end well. Anyone who thinks a random person's comments are grounds for action has an unrealistically elevated view of themselves.

I am not saying that is Dabo. I have been his biggest fan since day one. But that comment didn't come from the Dabo I thought I knew.

Not to mention the "I hope you write that's" and the

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:41 PM

"make sure you get that's"

I think we will get a 'clarification' tomorrow.

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:43 PM

He will likely have a convo with DRad and they will play it off as a misunderstanding.

I doubt very seriously he will double down with all things considered.

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He needs to back off that, or make good on it. If I

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:31 AM

publicly said those things about my job, I would be asked to fish or cut bait. The fairness of what I would be pointing out would be irrelevant at the point I said, "If they don't like that, I need to leave." Once I said that, I would be told that the 'fairness' might not be fixed, and I would be asked what my intentions thus were. If I chose not to leave I would be required to clarify the permanance of my employment intentions.

It has to be that way, because my employer can't publicly say that if I don't fix my imperfections they will fire me. Fans are not Dabo's employer, to be sure, but since that is the case why is he letting them determine what he does or doesn't do? Threats are meant to be called. I hope he will take that threat off the table.

I don't think he is threatening to leave

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:47 PM

He is saying they can look elsewhere to be fans if they don't like it.

He just needs to say the coverage busts by the defense will be fixed and USC did a good job game planning to give us looks to cause confusion and mental errors.

I don't understand why he can't just day that the defense had a bad night and the offense had their best night. it's the truth.

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He made an implied threat. Read his words.

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:49 PM

"I just want to win by one more point. If that ever gets to where that is not enough, it is definitely time for me to move on to somewhere else."

He was talking about himself.

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Who has he been listening to?

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:48 PM

Sure people were questioning the D, I mean Venables himself slammed the performance. But who was legitimately unhappy with the win? I don't know where Dabo would've gotten the idea that that was the prevailing sentiment amongst the fans.

Not sure. That's why this seems so shocking.

Posted: Nov 25, 2018 11:51 PM

I think he had a lapse in judgement. He may have been thinking about reminding those silly "fans" who complain about our situation that they should be thankful... but in doing so, he threatened all of us. I have faith that when this is made clear to him, he will clarify. I don't believe he is actually considering leaving. But his comments were a huge blunder.

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Another article already.

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:02 AM


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well this looks great for recruiting. why is Dabo acting so

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:10 AM

Sensitive? He knows that defense was pi$$ poor. mental errors are not acceptable at any level of football.

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Re: Wait, what? Did Dabo just threaten to leave Clemson?

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:21 AM

I really think you guys are reading into this in a completely over the top way when what the way he was saying it was akin to some kind of aphorism like "if blah blah blah isn't good enough then then the sun might as well stop coming up." And you guys would literally think that maybe he really meant the sun would stop coming up if he said that as well?

He's just making a point with emphasis and dramatic flair. Stop being so literal minded and sensitive.

Well, he threatened to leave if it ever got so ridiculous

Posted: Nov 26, 2018 12:26 AM

that where we are right now is not good enough. He said he was shown articles and reports to that effect, and he was responding to that, which he has every right to do. And if it ever got to that point, I wouldn't blame him one bit if he did leave. I have no problem with him addressing that as he did whatsoever. It's interesting, because it's Clemsonn football, but there's no big story here.

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