Topic: To put things in perspective
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To put things in perspective

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 7:54 AM

The loss last night was and should be hard to swallow for the Clemson faithful... Let's just get that out of the way. Outplaying the #1 team in the nation (ranked rightly or wrongly) and defending national champions in their stadium and not walking away with a satisfying "W" is tough. Facing my brother-in-law, an ardent and unaffiliated FSU fan, at dinner this evening will be even tougher.

But this loss doesn't bother me nearly as much as others we've experienced in the past, and I think it's important that fans take a step back and remember exactly where we've come from since the low point of the late 90s.

Just during my time as an undergrad (2000-2004) we had several inexplicable losses that still give me heartburn. There was a last-second loss to Georgia Tech when we were ranked 5th in the nation followed by a 54-7 drubbing in Tallahassee the next week. Don't forget Homecoming 2001 when Julius Peppers and company curb-stomped us 38-3. The 2002 Thursday night, at-home humiliation against the Wolfpack, 38-6 (did you know Phillip Rivers was married?!?). And of course, the lowest of lows, 45-17 at Wake Forest in 2003.

On the flip side of those there's "The Catch II" against South Carolina (Lord is was cold that night), "Dantzler keeps it... Dantzler... TOUCHDOWN!", tearing down the goalposts after Bowden Bowl V, and 63-17.

The point is that college football is a game of ups and downs played by 18 to 22-year-old man-children. Mistakes and losses will come, but so does elation. Last night very well could have and probably should have gone the other way, but that shouldn't stop any but the most idiotic and overly-obsessed from enjoying the best 4 months of the sports year.

Spot the ball! Let's beat the Tarheels!

I'll take this kind of loss to a top ranked team

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 8:00 AM

over a blowout loss every single time. Does it sting more? Yes. But at least the players can hold their head up high.

I just want 100% effort for 4 quarters and a chance to win. That's all we as fans can ask for.

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Re: I'll take this kind of loss to a top ranked team

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 8:56 AM

Maybe you will,but I don't believe in moral victories.
No matter how you spin it,we are 1-2 with only a win against a high school team to show for it.
Anything less than running the table ,and ending with a blowout of the coots will be considered,imo,a not so banner a year.
Problem is,with UNC getting blown out by East Carolina, a N.C.State beating up on the likes of Presbyterian,Louisville allready with one loss,Maryland beating Syracuse,it might take a few games for Clemson to even reenter the top 15.

Re: I think the game.....

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 8:36 AM

boiled down to 3 plays. First, the true freshman corner that had played his ### all night was tripped by the 50 yd line. That left one of the top receivers in the nation wide open. (Garcia could've hit him. Drunk!!! That's how open he was.) Second, the fumble. And third, 4 & 1/2 a yard. Make either of those plays and we're not talking about a loss that hurts like ####.

All in all it was a helluva by a team that wasn't given a chance against the second string QB. It was also a game in which a young team grew up. Watson is going to be a great QB. He just needs the reps with the receivers to get better. The OL....they kept the QB clean most all night. The D.....stellar night for the D.

Maybe now we'll see a Clemson team with a chip on it's shoulder. Maybe even put 70 on UNC.



Totally agree on Alexander

Posted: Sep 21, 2014 8:48 AM

He's on his way to being a shutdown player at corner.

When Green caught that pass, I turned to my wife and commented that Alexander was either tripped up or injured, because he had been right there all night long.

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