Topic: The things i'm proud of/thankful for as a Clemson fan
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The things i'm proud of/thankful for as a Clemson fan

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 4:52 PM

I am proud of the following things about Clemson and Clemson football :

1) How nice and classy we are to visiting opposing fans:
With the games I have been to at DV as a Clemson fan; we are one of the nicest fanbases towards opposing teams unlike The Other School whose fans treat the visiting fans very badly.

2) The Coaching Staff:
Dabo has helped raise this program from the ashes to greatness while being ethical, obeying the NCAA rules, recruiting classy players, and caring about the players outside of football. These players all will have a life after football, and I believe that Dabo helps them with the skills needed to succeed off the field. How can a coach be great if he disregards non football things (as in focus mostly or solely on football)?
Venables has turned our defense from atrocious to decent if not good. Chad has helped our offense out a lot which helps.

3) The Impact on Players lives:

Dabo and the program have helped along with other sources change the lives of young men who otherwise might never have been able to succeed in life...

What I'm thankful for as a Clemson fan

1) Who we have on the coaching staff and how their priorities stack up

2) How the fan base changes over time to adapt while staying classy.

Examples of this include the woo-hoo in Tiger Rag (I have never heard Tiger Rag without the woo-hoo but still; it's easier to say and more hip.

3) Our turnaround

Under Bowden, we were mediocre. Under Dabo, we are ranked frequently and highly and have had 10 win (80%) seasons.

End of story, keep Dabo

2019 student level member

NFL- Green Bay Packers
NCAA- Michigan and Michigan State (formerly Clemson)
MLB- New York Yankees

You lost me at woo hoo. Real fans don't woo hoo...lol.***

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 5:17 PM

Re: The things i'm proud of/thankful for as a Clemson fan

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 5:27 PM

What a bunch of bs. Lsst year my 69 year old mother had to heat f the cicks, suck my #### at clempson before the game. Witnessed 2 fist fights after you lost agsin. Tne frat next to esso cussing and throwing things at usc fans, picking fights. Yeah, proud to be a tater.

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