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Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:05 PM

Hey y’all. It’s been a while but I’ve got a score to settle. I’ve got a buddy who is a die hard Tennessee fan. He’s trying to tell me that the Tennessee vs Alabama and the Tennessee vs Florida games are two of the biggest rivalries in college football and in the top 10 of all time. He says those games have decided the SEC forever and had national title implications forever. Meanwhile I couldn’t keep a straight face while he told me this. What do y’all think?

Re: Tennessee***

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:17 PM

Re: Tennessee***

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:19 PM

Oops. Premature post....

I don't think the UT - Bama or FUY - Fla game has mattered since the conference expanded, has it?

Tenn was a decent team before any of the current players

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:21 PM

were born

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Tennessee should probably focus on...

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:22 PM


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"I've played multiple sports and would bet any amount that I'm still more athletic than you at this present time...."

Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:26 PM

Don't know. Ask the folks over at https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/

Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:28 PM

All SEC games are rivalries. Though often they are one sided.

"Just means more..."

Since they beat Alabama once, I'm sure Crimson Tide is considered the biggest rival for that school in Columbia, SC.

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Tennessee has been a bigger train wreck than uof5c...

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:46 PM

and hasn't been relevant on the national college football landscape or in the $EC Least for over ten years.

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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:50 PM

Tennessee hasn’t been relevant since before Fulmer left ....,

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Fulmer could not get it done, so they fired him***

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 2:49 PM

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Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:53 PM

Clemson vs Wake Forest and CLemson vs Duke have helped decide the ACC championship too...but the same team keeps winning over and over....

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I’m trying to remember the last time i cared about Tennessee.

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 1:59 PM

But I can’t.


Re: I’m trying to remember the last time i cared about Tennessee.

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 2:30 PM

the last time I cared was when we were turned in by the hypocritical vols to the ncaa back in danny's day.

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Don't Argue With Those Lacking Intelligence

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 2:38 PM

they only bring you down to their level.

When they can consistently beat the capons they MIGHT be

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 2:40 PM

allowed to raise their heads out of the little hole they have been hunkered down in for the past decade plus.

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Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 4:39 PM

Yeah ...... maybe in 1974. But things have changed since then.

Re: Tennessee

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 5:07 PM

I live here in Knoxville and most fans are miserable. However, there are a few who still live in the 90's and think they are relavent. It's sad really. I moved here in 1994 and we were 13 years removed from our first Natty. It was easy to move on and focus on the present and hope we got better. It's literally 21 years since they won their latest natty and they still think it was last year and they should be talked about for the CFP. Most Tenn fans are realistic and are miserable and don't believe Pruitt will climb the mountain. But there are some that are just as delusional as the coots this time a year and think they are gonna go all the way because of this one player here or one player there.

In today's CFP landscape, you need a full team of guys that can ball to win it all. There are only a few teams out there that have that and I'm lucky we're one of them for the time being

Go Tigers!!!!!!!

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