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Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:46 PM

Well well well.....you had your doubts, didn't you? You were a little nervous about those smelly mountain hippies. I tried to tell you! I said it would never be in doubt. So here we are on a short week.
The process started early and it is underway. We have just returned from Lewisville. A long drive but it was worth it.
We went to campus and ordered a pizza. They sent some scrawny zit faced kid with black hair and a game show host look about his face. He says his name is Schnattner Jr. He's driving around in some old redneck camaro his dad pawned to start some pizza empire.
That's fine. We took the kid, the pizza, and three hundred gallons of garlic sauce.

We're going to baptize that boy in garlic sauce. Then he will feel the full wrath of the Tigers. We've also gathered a half dozen little cardinal birds. Jr. took each one and snapped its little wings. They're all flapping around and chirping like a bunch of headless coots facing that other team from KY.

The plan is to feed Schnatter Jr a Cardinal Pizza while we watch the Tigers walk out of that loud stadium full of drunks with ANOTHER double digit butt cutting. This one wont be a problem either. Volleyball Petrino will be flustered and lost when we open up the playbook.

By midnight I will stand on the hood of my new/old camaro....wearing a headress of Cardinal feathers, naked....glistening in blood in the moonlight. Jr. is going to make a bird foot necklace for his mom. After the massacre I'll put on some Barry White, open up some Riuniti on ice, and celebrate this win.

We're on our way, boys. Burn your bowties....we're going old school.

Buckle UP!!!!


Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:49 PM

What did I just read?

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you just read

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:50 PM

the gospel according to Buzzpaw.

Re: you just read

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:51 PM
amen.jpg(44.8 K)


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vintage BuzzPaw.***

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:51 PM

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Better to live one year as a Tiger, than a thousand as a cOOt!

Buzz tends to lean a little more Old Testament

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:56 PM


Re: you just read

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:21 PM

you are a sick person!!!!


Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:14 PM

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Posted: Sep 15, 2015 2:55 PM



Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:01 PM

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Oh I'm fired up now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:06 PM


Re: Why did you already drive up there and back? That game

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:16 PM

is Thursday

it's a wacky week

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 6:24 PM

I usually go on Wednesday

I'm glad you're on our side.

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:17 PM

Go Tigers!

Be Sure......

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 3:28 PM

Do not stop at the exit marked...Home of Four Roses Wiskey! Worse mistake you will ever make, speed up and never look back.


Posted: Sep 15, 2015 11:38 PM

I want a gallon of whatever it is you have been drinking.

"Burn the bow ties." #### that's good


Posted: Sep 16, 2015 12:09 AM

I'll take one of those as well.

I thought I liked garlic sauce,

Posted: Sep 16, 2015 12:13 AM

But maybe not so much anymore! Thx BP!

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Replies: 17  


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