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Updated ACC basketball standings (2/20).....

Posted: Feb 20, 2018 10:41 PM

1. UVA 13-1
2. Duke 10-4
3. UNC 10-5
4. Clemson 9-5
5. N.C. State 9-6
6. Va. Tech 8-6
7. Louisville 8-6
8. FSU 8-7
9. Miami 8-7
10. Syracuse 7-7
11. Boston College 6-9
12. Notre Dame 6-9
13. Georgia Tech 4-10
14. Wake Forest 3-12
15. Pittsburgh 0-15

* Wednesday's Games....

Clemson at Va. Tech- Win and we can maintain 4th with potential to move up. Lose and we fall from 4th to 6th due to being on the wrongside of tiebreakers with NCSU and VT. There will still be time to recover and get back to 4th though...those other teams have tough games left.

Louisville at Duke- Louisville continues their brutal closing schedule amidst all the other bad news coming out of their program. Will be interesting to see if Duke can continue to roll if Bagley keeps sitting. You would think it would catch up to them at some point.

UNC at Syracuse- This one will be interesting. Cuse continues to dance on and off of the bubble, and now they have UNC and then travel to Duke this week. UNC has pretty much caught fire since we beat them....but a road trip up to Cuse in the middle of the week will not be friendly.

GT at UVA- Not much to see here. GT lost a guy to injury recently...and that hasn't helped. UVA will bring the pain.

Wake at Pitt- This may be Pitt's chance. Maybe.

FSU has the week off....they travel to N.C. State this Sunday. N.C. State beat BC tonight, and Miami won at Notre Dame on Monday.

So whoever said we would be 6th in ACC by the end is looking pretty smart

Posted: Feb 21, 2018 6:46 AM

Hope we prove him wrong. But honestly, the last half of ACC play seems to be our issue every year

Actually, there were a few years where....

Posted: Feb 21, 2018 8:16 AM

Brownell's teams finished well, but had not started well enough to be a tournament team.
The last 2 years they did struggle down the stretch though.

I do think that it is unfair to lump this team in with the others. The injury situation is a new thing for us.

We need to recognize that without Grantham, we've been able to beat teams near the bottom (GT, Wake, Pitt, injured Notre Dame) and have a great win against UNC. We've lost brutally close games at FSU and against Duke (also without Mitchell). Like others, UVA throttled us.
I'm hopeful that we can win a few more games, but it's easy to see that Grantham was a huge part of our success. And we certainly know that Mitchell also was.
If we finish 6th in the conference...that would be a huge success this year...but this team still has a shot at the top 4 ACC seed if they can win 3 out of the last 4.

cheat ... I mean ... cream is rising to the top***

Posted: Feb 21, 2018 8:46 AM

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