Topic: SO Traveling Back Through Dubai with Bama fans
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SO Traveling Back Through Dubai with Bama fans

Posted: Jan 13, 2019 12:05 AM

So when I was in the process traveling back to Afghanistan with Arrogant Bama Fans. I was stopped wearing my Clemson Gear and before the game all I heard was ROLL TIDE, ROLL TIDE, ROLL TIDE. My response was okay we shall see. I mean these Bama fans made it a point to walk up to me and utter Roll tide. So, I'm not sure everyone is aware but when traveling through Dubai Airport all expats normally make a stop in Mc Donald's to grab food before their flights out. As the game begun I heard Bama fans cheering and chanting being arrogant as usual. But once we got too the second half everyone was quiet and sweaty and nervous. I mean this was the best offense every for Bama, I mean Clemson gave up 400 yards to USC QB so there is no way in He## they can stop Tua. Right, Thank You Clemson thank you Dabo and Brent and all the coaches. It was one of the best feeling in the world being surrounded bye Bama fans and murdering them in the title game. Coach Saban facial expression was priceless, SEC fans faces and Bama faces. I Love it. Go Tigers continue to be great. Program keep pushing to new heights. GO TIGERS!!

Similar Situation

Posted: Jan 13, 2019 3:04 AM

I was enjoying some rest and refit in Bagram Airfield back in 2012 when Clemson played against LSU. The entire DFAC was LSU fans i.e. SEC homers. I told everyone that Clemson was going to win that game and nobody believed me. Then it was just me and a former Clemson Basketball player who was a Harlem Globe Trotter. We both sat in the center of the DFAC, and it was a sight to see all of the lugubrious faces when CAT MAN kicked that field goal through the uprights in the final seconds of the game. GO TIGERS!


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Re: SO Traveling Back Through Dubai with Bama fans

Posted: Jan 13, 2019 3:15 AM

No such issues here in Qatar though I don't get a lot of eye contact from Bamaers wearing their gear. Proudly flying a Clemson flag from my car.

Met one Bama fan travling back to Abu Dhabi after......

Posted: Jan 13, 2019 5:49 AM

….the game. He was still in shock. Got a lot of GO TIGERS in Boston and London on the trip back.

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