Topic: SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....
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SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 10:10 AM

Will earth's mightiest conference be able to fill their bowl slots this year?
I'm assuming the standard of 6 wins is still somewhere out there....although in recent years 5-7 teams have wandered into bowls.

As a refresher, the SEC has the following bowl tie-ins:

- Playoff
- Sugar Bowl (top non-playoff team)
- Citrus Bowl (# 2 non-playoff team)

Next tier: (SEC assigns these)

- Outback Bowl
- Tax Slayer (Gator) Bowl
- Music City Bowl
- Texas Bowl
- Belk Bowl
- Liberty Bowl

Secondary tier:

- Birmingham Bowl
- Independence Bowl

- Potentially, that's 11 teams....even 12 if 2 were to make the playoff!

- But as we'll see below, there's a shortage of teams that are looking like bowl teams....and ESPN may have to channel some energy towards appealing that going 5-7 in the SEC is bowl worthy.

Teams that will definitely be bowl eligible:

Bama, LSU, Auburn, Florida, Georgia

Ineligible due to Postseason ban:


Likely to be bowl eligible:

Texas A&M (4-3)- Remaining Games: Miss. State, UTSA (whooo?), SCAR, at UGA, at LSU

- I assume they'll get two of these. But they need to get them sooner rather than later.

On the fence with a lot of work to do:

Miss State (3-4)- Remaining Games: at Texas A&M, at Arkansas, Alabama, Abiliene Chrstian, Ole Miss

- Slight chance of making a bowl....can they beat both Arkansas and Ole Miss?

Ole Miss (3-5)- Remaining Games: at Auburn, New Mexico St., LSU, at MIss. State

- Gonna venture a "no" here...5-7 seems like best case scenario

Arkansas (2-5)- Remaining Games: Bama, Miss. St., at LSU, Western Kentucky, MIssouri

- Not officially eliminated yet, but might as well be

South Carolina (3-4)- Remaining Games: at Tennessee, Vanderbilt, App. State, at Texas A&M, Clemson

- At first glance, you would think they could squeeze out 3 wins here. But the two road games will provide difficulties. And then you have that App. State game....which is not a done deal by any stretch. The home win over Vandy is probably automatic....and I would think UT's QB issues will do them in. But beyond that?

Tennessee (2-5)- Remaining Games: SCAR, UAB, at Kentucky, at Missouri, Vanderbilt

- The closing schedule is friendly....but getting to 6 wins is a tall order for this group. I doubt they can win at Mizzou. The SCAR game could basically eliminate them. Even the QB-less Kentucky road game is dicey.

Kentucky (3-4)- Remaining Games: Missouri, Tennessee, at Vanderbilt, Tenn-Martin, Louisville

- Kentucky has big wins over Toledo and Eastern Michigan this year. And Arkansas. Throw in a win over Vandy and UT-Martin, and they are almost there. With 4 home games out of the last 5, I suppose they could win 3 of these. The Tenn-Kentucky game may be "elimination game" territory.

Vanderbilt (2-5)- Remaining Games: at SCAR, at Florida, Kentucky, ETSU, at Tennessee

- Not happening here.

So, in summary, this might be the equivalent of the "ACC Coastal Wheel of Destiny"....I'm sure a couple of these "on the fence" teams will find a way. But there is a real scenario where less than half the conference has a .500 or above record. The Birmingham and Independence Bowls are considered "second-tier" by the SEC....so they'll give those away first....but I doubt they are excited about giving away any bowls in the next tier up. And among the bowls in that tier....which ones will be pleased about not getting a SEC team, since they mean more?

Re: SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 10:24 AM

I think I read somewhere that Missouri is still eligible as long as their appeal is outstanding, so I'm sure they delay making a decision until after bowl season. I'm thinking the SEC will end up with 9-10 teams with 6 wins.

Re: SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 10:29 AM

The coots could claw and peck their way to redemption with an invite to the Bell bowl only to be smashed by some garbage Coastal team. Once again, my day would be made.

Re: SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 10:38 AM

If the SEC doesn't have enough bowl-eligible teams to fill the slots, the open slots will go to non-SEC eligible teams.

A 5-7 SEC team will only be selected if there are no other eligible teams nationally.

Re: SEC Bowls....will they be able to fill their slots?....

Posted: Oct 23, 2019 12:37 PM

ESECPN has determined that the typical SEC is so tough, that even when a team loses a game their record will now reflect a win and a loss. Look for multiple SEC teams to finish the year 9-9.

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