Topic: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?
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Replies: 19  

why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:22 PM

We had a poorly coached game. Our coaches normally out scheme and out adjust. I haven't seen one that bad in a while. Obviously we shouldn't have played KB.

The players looked tired. I couldn't tell if they are tired from the tough early games or we weren't expecting them to put up a fight.

Defensively, it reminded me of the Pitt game.

We have a lot to work on with the backup qbs. We have to get them ready to play.

Everybody relax and try not to go off the deep end.

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Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:30 PM

The coaches were awful.

Why should any good QB come to this school--when injured QB and clearly one that will never
be good ahead of a 5 star. Seniority never should trump talent.

I hope we do not lose Johnson and Lawerence over this

Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:59 PM

The players played like crap too. It's not all the coaches. 120 penalty yards and poor kicking game didn't make the coaches look very good.

We should have been able to run the ball and impose our will. Not having qb run killed us.

I think some of our fans under estimate how much freshman qbs have to learn..

HJ should have gotten SOME snaps at least.

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Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 14, 2017 12:05 AM

So true, poor coaching and has been for a few weeks. Time ran out on us . If we had good offensive coaches, with our talent we should score 40+ Pts on anyone. Period.

Methinks you are a loser

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 3:22 AM

Only a lunatic c0ck would hold on to a handle that long just for the chance to take a weak jab. Don't worry chicken, your time is coming.

Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 10:35 AM

Idiot!!!! You Are!!

I only blame the coaches for one thing...

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:33 PM

and that is the QB's they ran out onto the field. The defense didn't play their best, but you can't expect them to always look like an NFL team. They had an off night against a challenging offense with some real weapons, in a road game on a Friday night. One thing's for sure... they got very little help from our offense. We've kinda seen that coming. Our offense wasn't exactly explosive last week after about halfway through the first quarter.

Unfortunately, tonight the choice to play KB, and then when it was clear he wasn't going to be effective to replace him with Cooper, were failures that likely lost us the game. Any vertical passing game at all would have opened up the running game enough to allow us to sustain drives better, score more TD's, and keep the defense off the field longer. Those choices about QB's are squarely on Dabo & Co. They blew it tonight and they deserve the flack they're catching, just like they deserve the praise when the call a good game.

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Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:36 PM

it's not permanent (not for me), but this is a message board and they had a REALLY bad night tonight. Happens to the best of us

Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:36 PM

I don't think people are turning on the coaches, most are just recognizing that our coaching tonight was not good and it was coaching that didn't put our guys in position to win the game....... with that said, it still took Syracuse playing the best game they have played in probably 60 years and Clemson playing their worst game in about that long for them to win the game.

I think that is how most people feel. Our team was just not ready and that is on the coaches. No matter what any coach would tell me, Kelly Bryant has NO business playing that game and Hunter Johnson should have been playing. I know the coaches see them in practice, but it was evident to anyone who has eyes that Johnson is better than Cooper. I actually heard that Johnson was sick all week. If neither Johnson or Cooper is better than Bryant with a bad ankle and can't move, then they should dismiss both of them off the team because they both must be really BAD!

I counted over 20 times that our defense was looking at the sidelines when they snapped the ball.

Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:37 PM

I think because it's one thing to be outplayed (and they were), but its another to leave an obviously hobbled QB out there that was struggling and getting less and less mobile as the game wore on. By then the damage was done. The D was gassed and out of position much of the night. They looked unprepared much of the game as well. That's on the coaches. Best was not the standard tonight.

Love our coaches. But you have to admit Dabo is stubborn

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:41 PM

He didn't start Watson as a freshman. A lot of think he should have played Johnson tonight. I'm sure he has his reasons and perhaps he is right. But fans have the right to second guess.

We have also seen that defensive movie before with coach V. Rarely, but when it happens, it is ugly

Still thankful for all the hard work our players and coaches put in.

Dang ACC gave us a brutal 1st half of the schedule

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Credit and blame

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:43 PM

We pat ourselves on the back for recruiting the best QB's in the country and then won't let them play until we absolutely have to.

We did it with DW.

Now we are doing it with HJ.

We will probably do it with TL.


This one is on the coaches, but the coaches get the credit for the last two years, too.

You know. Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.

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Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 13, 2017 11:50 PM

I think the coaches deserve the heat they will get from this loss. To send out KB tonight was clearly a terrible decision. Then to send out Zerrick Cooper was another bad decision. It reminds a lot of the Cole Stoudt experiment when we had a guy named Deshaun Watson sitting on the bench. I'm by no means comparing Hunter Johnson to Deshaun, but I haven't seen anything out of Zerrick this year to say this guy is the backup. Hunter was perfect last week and threw for a TD, but then Dabo put Zerrick back out there last week and then he put him out there again this week. Did Zerrick complete a pass longer than 15 yds?

The coaches let down who ever they would have sent out there to replace Kelly Bryant tonight. Kelly Bryant shouldn't have played at all. It was clear from the beginning. Perhaps if Cooper had the ability to practice more with the 1's things could have ended differently. But tonight showed me that Dabo doesn't have much faith in the QBs outside of Kelly Bryant if he thought Kelly would make it the whole game with his bum ankle.

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Re: why are people so quick to turn on our coaches?

Posted: Oct 14, 2017 12:05 AM

I wonder if the coaches misjudged KB's health going into tonight. He never looked himself. I remember on Sunday seeing that KB wasn't 100% but should be for the rest of the week. Basically, every day throughout the week, Dabo reported that KB looked good to go for tonight. It didn't look that way from the start of the game. If they would've just ruled him out and tailored the offense around ZC or HJ, we might've been more efficient on offense.

Here's a few reasons ...

Posted: Oct 14, 2017 12:17 AM

1. Clemson team is two-deep better at every position.
2. Tiger coaches were arrogant and mailed it in this week - Dabo even broadcast weekend plans to party at Bama.
3. Players even the Defense knew coaches were mailing it in - they mailed it in too.
4. Dabo's loyalty to injured and immobile KB, ZC and the QB depth chart cost Clemson the game.
5. SYR lost to FCS Middle TN this year at home - Middle TN has a losing record in FCS.
6. Many Clemson fans and alums believe #1 rated H.S. QB Hunter Johnson is the most talented QB on the team, including a healthy KB.
7. Playoffs for this talented team are a long shot tonight. SYR loss will haunt Clemson vs other 1-loss teams with selection committee. May be worst loss in college football this year.
8. Our savior Deshaun Watson is now starring for Houston and is not around to bail our coaches out this year. Man I miss him.

Still Go Tigers!

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Zero chance it's a worse loss than OU at home to Iowa State.

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 6:38 AM

ISU is 4-2 right now (with no quality wins outside of OU) and might still not make a bowl game.

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Did Watson miss the Pitt game last year?***

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 10:21 AM

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Boiled Sprats.

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 6:26 AM


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in general, people's lives are so miserable and unhappy

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 8:47 AM

that they have a desperate need to feel smart and superior to others. Disparaging and castigating players and coaches is a cheap and easy way to do this. It's a defense mechanism.

Pretty easy to sort out the folks living crummy lives on this board, isn't it?


Coots are so desperate.*****

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 10:15 AM

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