Topic: for all those banging the drum fro Penn State....
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for all those banging the drum fro Penn State....

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 2:35 AM

Let’s examine tonight’s win over Wisconsin in the B1G Champ game.

Yes, Wisconsin; they of the OOC schedule against LSU, Akron and Georgia State. All three games played at Wisconsin. They blitz the #101 Composite ranked team, Akron, by 54-10. Then they pummeled the #114 ranked Georgia State by all of 6 points, 23-17.

Their big OOC win? LSU. By 2 points, 16-14, and again, it’s AT Home.

Yes, that’s the same 4-loss LSU who switched QB’s after 3 games before finally giving up completely on their offense and firing their Head Coach mid-season.

Yes, the same LSU that was 3rd place in the SEC West and whose biggest OOC win was #89 Conference USA Southern Miss.

Yes, the shamelessly same LSU who lost to Florida – lost to them AT LSU in the next-to-the-last week of the season,

and for Gawd’s sake we saw Florida stink it up against both FSU and Alabama to end the season.

Wisconsin beat LSU… whoop-de-do.

Penn State beat Wisconsin… whoop-de-da*m-do too. And they had to come from behind by 21 to do it.

Penn State is a fraud – it has no in-conference wins at AWAY venues (got steam-rolled AT Michigan), and has no reasonable OOC wins (got beat by Pitt).

Penn State is a fraud.

Perhaps -- all good points, but

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 2:40 AM

they also beat Ohio St. (yeah, at home, but so what) in the only head to head that matters here and won their conference championship.

Putting in OSU just is a decision which will show the CFP to be a fraud biased to the old school powerhouses and not rewarding actual performance.

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noted - logic doesn't fool all of you, does it?

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 2:41 AM


Re: for all those banging the drum fro Penn State....

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 2:46 AM

The B1G should be banished from the NCAA because ice fishing is just an excuse to get drunk in an uncomfortable location.

B1G as a dominant conference is a fraud in general

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 4:44 AM

This super conference has 3 OOC wins against current Top 25 teams: OU, Colorado, and LSU, then another probable team in Temple.

Wisconsin 16 - LSU 14 (week 1 neutral site)
We all know LSU failed to develop a passing games for over half a decade. That they not only fired their head coach and offensive coordinator but also had a change at QB after week four.

Michigan 45 - Colorado 28 (week 3 @ UM)
Colorado was dominating Michigan in the Big House before their QB got knocked out of the game in the second quarter.

Ohio St 45 - Oklahoma 24 (week 3 @ OU)

Penn St 34 - Temple 27 (week 3 @ PSU)

Meanwhile the ACC has three Top 25 wins against OOC Top 25 teams

Clemson 19 - Auburn 13 (week 1 @ AU)

Pitt 42- Penn St 39 (week 2 @ Pitt)

FSU 31 - Florida 13 (week 13 @ FSU)

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I agree totally... OOC is the ONLY way to see how good

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 10:27 AM

a conference is,

and the B1G's wins against LSU (Wisconsin) and Colorado (Michigan)

no longer look all that good.

On the other hand, I believe Ohio State

has the ONLY AWAY OOC Top 10 win

by any team in the nation this year -

against Oklahoma.

Re: for all those banging the drum fro Penn State....

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 6:02 AM

Basically, it's not just Penn State, it's the enter B1G that's a fraud. Fact is, Penn State IS the B1G Champion, not Ohio State. Penn State IS most deserving out of that conference. Not OSU.


with Division play, Championships don't mean that much...

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 10:29 AM

that's what most people are missing

that the Committee is going to enunciate this year when they put OSU in ahead of PSU.

imho, of course.

if PSU is a fraud, their entire conference is also

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 10:39 AM

Penn State is playing way better than Ohio State is RIGHT NOW. OSU has skirted by the last 2 games and easily could have lost both (Mich St and Mich).


Re: for all those banging the drum fro Penn State....

Posted: Dec 4, 2016 10:58 AM

The top records in football are

Alabama ............ 13-0-0
Western Michigan ... 13-0-0
Clemson ............ 11-1-1
Washington ......... 11-1-1
Michigan ........... 10-1-1
Ohio State ......... 9-1-2
Oklahoma ........... 10-2-0
West Virginia ...... 10-2-0
South Florida ...... 10-2-0
Boise State ........ 10-2-0
Penn State ......... 10-2-1

The first 4 SHOULD be the playoff teams. That won't happen because a perfect record means basically nothing if you are Western Michigan.

Michigan ... would be there if they knew how to beat a flawed team (Ohio State) and I wish that had happened. Scratch them because the flawed team is next in line at 9-1-2.

Ohio State ... would be 8-1-3 had the MSU coach opted for the tie. A flawed team that will likely get the nod. They should be 4th and play Alabama in Atlanta ... IF SELECTED. I'm holding out for committee sanity regarding seeding.

Oklahoma ... a very good team that had the misfortune of losing to Ohio State. Picking them ahead of Ohio State will take more courage than I think the committee can imagine, let alone muster.

Penn State ... elevating the 11th best record in America to top 4 is possible - for the DID beat the exalted Ohio State squad - but I hope the committee passes on the opportunity.

So my second choice of playoff teams is

Alabama, Clemson, Washington, Oklahoma

My third choice is whatever the committee decides and hope Alabama knocks out the pretender in Atlanta.


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