Topic: Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)
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Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 5:40 PM

I'm going to me all of our DTs but Grady Jarett is one of the most undervauled players by some fans and announcers. He is unblockable plain and simple. I don't care about measurables like height and the like. Jarett is a beast and if he doesn't go in the first two rounds in this draft then scouts suck at their job. Williams and Watson are going to be missed as well but again we have talent here with experience and coming down the line.

1)D.J Reader will be the only senior next year in the middle and will be called on to be the run stopper that Jarett was. Reader is a more pro typical NT with his height and weight and he is pretty stout against the run. Reader was a fore his freshmen year and the last two has found him move in and out of the starting rotation. That's the thing with our DTs aside from Jarett all of the rest could be considered starters with how much experience and snaps they all got. Reader is decent as a pass rusher up the middle but I'm looking for him to free up the LBs behind him rather then sacking the QB.

2)Carlos Watkins has gone through a lot of stuff since he's been here at Clemson, the car accident being the main reason for that. Before that accident he started the UGA game in 2013 beside Jarett and was just as much of a force. He took a medical RS last year and this year he was back in rotation. He seems to still be trying to get back to where he was earlier last year but he's still been a solid player and I think he'll be just fine. As long as he continues to improve this off season he'll be a minstay in the midddle of our D.

3)Scott Pagano or as I like to call him the Hawian Hulk. This guy is mean, nasty, and love to hit people. He's put on very good weight and certainly looks the part. I heard through camp that he and Tyrone Crowder where impressing the coaches with how physical they played aginst each other. Both could be starting next year. Pagano has all the talent and tools to possibly start next year but he didn't get to play too much this year due to us being 6 deep at DT. When he did play I think he did alright except that he's still learning leverage. In HS he bull rushed everyone because he was bigger and strong. He's got to learn to us his hands better to control the OG before they get inside of him and move him around. He did look better as the year went on from what i could tell and he'll get his shot this spring and summer to make some noise. Either way he's going to plqy a lot next year.

4)Jabril Robinson was a complete unknown until Venables saw him and told Dabo that he wanted him. I do know that in camps he supposedly showed out enough to convince Venables and that's enough for me. However he is raw from what I understand and Dabo said during bowl practice that Robinson is still playing to high as a DT, which is to be expected of young guys. He'll play I think but I don't see him tallying a lot of snaps unless someone gets hurt or he really improves his summer.

5)Christian Wilkins is a War Daddy. This kid is arguably one of the top 3 DTs in this class. When he went to camps he dominated people which is why he got moved to a 5 star so quickly. Hes big, fast and tough and plays with good leverage. He's going to be the anchor of our DL for years to come. He will avoid a RS and I expect him to beat our Robinson and play in the 2 deep almost from day one. He is just that good. This is a kid you ccan beat FSU with and win playoff games with. We'll hear his name early and often next year.

6)Sterling Johnson. I've heard conflicting things on just how good Johnson is, suppposedly he didn't do well in camps, but none the less he's at least at the level of a Williams and Watson and if he can get to their level he'll be a very nice addition. I think he takes a RS.

7)Cervanka is the wild card to me. A for wrestling champ means he knows leverage and supposedly he's mean and has a high motor, sound like Grady to anyone besides me? Still he'll most likely take a RS to focus fully on FB and improve his fundamentals. I see him being a huge payoff for us in the near future.

I actually am more confident in our DT rotation then our DE right now just because we have more proven guys coming back and Wilkins is such a huge get.


+1. Cervanka is the 'sleeper'....***

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 5:47 PM

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Don't think he'll be a sleeper long.

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 6:08 PM

You don't become a multiple wrestling champ in the south without having the tools of leverage, strength and toughness. I love the kid

Re: Don't think he'll be a sleeper long.

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 6:29 PM

> You don't become a multiple wrestling champ in the
> south without having the tools of leverage, strength
> and toughness. I love the kid

Yeah. Plus his motor and work ethic.

Coaches think he could be another Grady Jarrett or close. Probably won't hear from him much in 2015 but in 2016 I think he starts making himself felt.

LaSamuel Davis at end is another kid like that. Right now he's maybe 220 and needs some lead in his butt but he's a fast-twitch athlete with a lightning-quick first step who looks a whole lot like Vic Beasley did when he arrived at Clemson, and he's another one who's got a rep as a fantastic worker and practice player.

We've got some bodies and some talent. How it develops, as ever, is the game.

Insider's view on Cervenka: He's currently focused on

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 6:47 PM

breaking state and national wrestling records and would have enrolled early if not for his priority in wrestling. He has the brains(pre-med), is a student, and loves being labelled a "sleeper." His father stops by from time to time and I'll get him to sit down and give us(us tnetters...Hood?) the scoop in it's entirety. But yes comparing him to Grady or picking up where Grady left off is very much expected here. His number will be 95 so mark it down.

p.s. Hood he appreciated your write-up last year!

That's what i noticed in the Semper Fi game... He's quick

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 11:30 AM

and already uses his hands well. I'm sure his level in wrestling almost demands that. If he has Grady's work ethic, he could be a monster early...

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Grady was his mentor, or aspired to be the next Grady. He

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 4:22 PM

actually wanted number 50 but was taken.

Re: Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 6:19 PM

Good write ups I hope you do the same for the Oline and Lb

I do plan to do LBs that position is interesting***

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 6:38 PM

Re: I do plan to do LBs that position is interesting***

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 10:39 AM

The LB one is going to be really lone considering we have 631,766,424 players at that position. How does BV give them the appropriate time?


Posted: Jan 13, 2015 7:04 PM

Thanks for posting

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Great assessment!***

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 7:15 PM

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Re: Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)

Posted: Jan 13, 2015 7:57 PM

Much appreciated, great read!

One of Johnson/Cervenka will probably avoid a redshirt

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 11:09 AM

for depth purposes, that is unless Rod Byers moves back to the DL. You really need six available bodies with the beating you take inside. I feel really good about DE. Lawson is our best lineman far and away, and I think we'll see Ebo emerge at WDE. Dodd will be fine against the run at SDE and I think Huggins will show he can play at end. Rogers and Aiken will provide the extra depth.

It's possible but I think the staff will try and RS both

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 12:30 PM

WE'll have 5 good ones in Reader, Watkins, Pagano, Robinson and Wilkins. Cervanka and Johnson probably won't beat any of them out for any significant PT unless someone gets hurt. And if you can't get a freshmen around 100 snaps his first year then he should RS instead.

Re: Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 12:09 PM

one 1 two 2 three 3... fore? Are you writing in code?

Re: Thoughts on Clemson's 2015 DT rotation (Long)

Posted: Jan 14, 2015 4:38 PM

Thanks, Brent!

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