Topic: Jimbo Fisher as an underdog..
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Replies: 5  

Jimbo Fisher as an underdog..

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 7:29 PM

Has Jimbo ever beaten Dabo as an underdog??
My recollection...Jimbo has only ever beaten Dabo when there was a clear talent difference in Jimbo’s favor..

As our talent caught up to and then surpassed FSU ..it seems Jimbo stopped beating us...

Honestly has Jimbo ever won big as anything but a front runner?

He gets a lot of credit for being a good coach and he is...but during his best years he had some phenomenally talented teams ...

One could say the same about Dabo ..but they’d be wrong...realistically ..we didn’t out talent OU with Stoudt at QB or OSU and LSU with Boyd at QB..or even Bama last year ...I could go on, but you get the point

Re: Jimbo Fisher as an underdog..

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 7:34 PM

Next year I believe that class will catapult CU inside the top 10 in "composite class"! The 4 year average of all the players will probably be somewhere about #9.
I can't be positive; but pretty certain we have never had a team with Freshmen through 5 yr sr that was inside the top 10? Anybody know?

Think about that! Beating the top programs CFB has to offer and not in the top 10 in recruiting(composite wise).

We did out talent with Boyd...

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 7:37 PM

on the college level Boyd was much better at passing than Braxton Miller and the sex offender LSU had at QB

Re: We did out talent with Boyd...

Posted: Sep 6, 2019 7:40 PM

I just referenced QBs as a way to distinguish which team I was referring to ..as we’ve beaten OSU and OU a few times...
But I meant the team as a whole ..not just the QB position..
So respectfully I disagree...LSU and OSU had more talent than we did..
Without going back and looking ...I believe LSU was loaded with future NFL guys (particularly on defense )

Re: Jimbo Fisher as an underdog..

Posted: Sep 7, 2019 9:44 AM

Jimbo is also an underdog that we have game tape on now this year too. Last year at aTm there was a ton of guessing what we would be up against, on the road too. All the while Jimbo knew Clemson like the back of his hand. That advantage is gone, home field advantage is gone and Venables likely has a better secondary this year to hold up Mond as well.

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Re: Jimbo Fisher as an underdog..

Posted: Sep 7, 2019 9:55 AM

Dabo is clearly a better proven coach than Fisher, and it's not even close.

Clemson beats teams with less talent obviously like a drum, and they beat teams with equal talent on the biggest stage, and teams with arguably better talent than Clemson. The last 4 years have proven that Dabo is an absolute elite coach. What he has built at Clemson is a dynasty, something that Jimbo couldn't do, even at FSU.

I don't like giving too much weight to one game. But the 44-16 last year was as bad a beating as Saban has ever received since he was at Bama. Matter of fact, that's the first time he's been blown out at Alabama. That win was historic. And I don't think Clemson out-talented Bama. They did it with better coaching, better prep, better execution, better schemes, and so forth.

Replies: 5  


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