Topic: Alabama v Clemson. An early look
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Alabama v Clemson. An early look

Posted: Jan 1, 2016, 2:02 AM

You can see my handle is TigerTide. I am a Mauldin boy... ran the streets of Forrester Woods and went to Mauldin Elementary. My family almost all went to Clemson and my son is a freshman now. BUT... I wanted to get away from home, so I went to Alabama. I follow both teams closely but the Tigers have been in my blood since birth. So... To football:

The good news?

Alabama struggles with spread offenses who have mobile QBs. Clemson castoff Swaggy C Kelly and UTs Josh Dobbs gave them fits. Kelly tore them apart. Neither of them is the player Watson is. Alabama is REALLY good up front but they are vulnerable to a QB who can move. Stand in the pocket ala Connor Cook and you are toast. Watson can stand in the pocket, but he creates options on the fly. Expect Alabama to counter that with a "spy" which locks up one defender who,could otherwise rush or cover. Hasn't worked for anyone else against Watson this year, but it's really the only option defenses have. Also, Clemson's d line is just as good as Bama's. Not as deep at end, but with a healthy Lawson, can give Bama fits. Reader and Wilkins are NFL bodies that can handle Bama's interior line.

The bad news?

Tigers shut down a back tonight that is similar in size (weight wise) and likely faster than Henry. Mayfield had a good game anyway and Tigers still won. MSU held Henry to 75 yds, but Coker and Ridley had a field day in MSUs secondary. Tigers have to load up and stop Henry from killing them, but Coker likely played his best game of the year and will roll into Glendale really confident. Shutting down Henry isn't enough. Lame Kiffin has a bad rep as a person but he calls a great game. Keep eyes on the WRs and do not give up deep shots to Coker.

The X factor(s)?

- Alabama special teams. They are really good. They score. A lot. Clemsons are pedestrian at best.
- Fear the Beard. Clemsons o-line is way stouter than people expected. They may not be a Bama line, but the gap is small. The Clemson o-line is tough and athletic. They will face a stud front seven. I think they hold up well.
- Watson. Best player on the field. Given space and time he will make things happen.
- Destiny. Clemson has the mojo. Alabama is a robot army of football playing trained killers. Clemson is a fun, emotional and joyful group who seems to get on a roll in every game. When they do, they are like facing a rolling ball of butcher knives.
- The Bama mindset. Bama boards are already convinced Clemson will get destroyed.

Line is Bama -7.


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Re: Alabama v Clemson. An early look

Posted: Jan 1, 2016, 2:57 AM

IMNSHO it comes down to 3 things:

1) Can Clemson's front 7 contain 'Bama's hard pounding running game for the entire game?
2) Can 'Bama's back 4( or 7 depending how Kirby plays it) contain DW4's long passes for the entire game?
3) Who has the special Special teams?

I hope I'm wrong, but #3 is the problem I can't get us over.


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