Topic: Ok here comes the story (what a great day) (Long)
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Ok here comes the story (what a great day) (Long)

emoji_events [11]
Posted: Jan 11, 2020 7:29 PM

Almost 30 years ago, my baby sister “unexpectedly” had a baby girl and put her up for adoption. I never laid eyes on my first niece before she was gone.

Through the years, I always wondered about her, prayed for her, and prepared for the day I might meet her, though I knew it would never happen. Well, almost a year ago, I found her, through Ancestry, and made contact. She lived less than 45 minutes away from me, and was a Clemson grad, like me.

We met and have maintained periodic contact. This morning, my wife, daughter and I met her and her husband for brunch, to give her a couple of belated Christmas presents. One of them was a piece of hardwood floor from Littlejohn Coliseum. I have posted about this floor and how we came to have it before, but this was the floor that she walked across when she graduated Clemson in 2013. I told her as I gave it to her that I hoped I was giving it on an historic day for Clemson basketball. Wow, what an incredible day!

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You can't beat that story! WOW.***

Posted: Jan 11, 2020 7:30 PM

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Psychiatrist: What seems to be the problem? Patient: I think I'm a chicken. Psychiatrist: How long as this been going on? Patient: Ever since I came out of my shell.

great story ***

Posted: Jan 11, 2020 7:31 PM

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing.***

Posted: Jan 11, 2020 7:32 PM

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Re: Ok here comes the story (what a great day) (Long)

Posted: Jan 11, 2020 7:34 PM

That's an awesome story. I know you were proud to give her the piece of floor never knowing it would be a historic day in Clemson basketball history. Go Tigers!!!!

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