Topic: Offenses can get better. Remember
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Offenses can get better. Remember

Posted: Oct 9, 2019 9:08 PM

19-13 over Auburn, 30-24 over Troy and 26-7 over Georgia Tech in 2016? The 2016 offense not only got better, but became a juggernaut. This 2019 offense needs to get better this week. If the offense comes around, this team could be another playoff team. If it doesn't get better and it is what it is, then many tough struggles on Saturdays the rest of the way.

Not sure how the personnel we have on offense could have a hard time moving the football, but it is. And it was almost evident from the first series against Georgia Tech. Not sure if its the blocking, the play-calling, or what, but it is not a good offense at this time. I think the defense has been better than expected and thank goodness for that.

As for the offense, I think this Saturday will be very telling. Florida State, under Briles, has the #16 offense in the nation. In recent years, FSU has had a decent defense, but such a horrendous offensive line that they had no offense. This year, the FSU defense has not been that good. I hope our offense will get their act together and move the football.

I saw someone post that UNC put out a blueprint on how to deal with our offense. I hope that is not the case. With the personnel we have on offense, it should not matter what type of "blueprint" has been put out there. I think the offense will turn it around just like they did in 2016 and make a run, but until they do, it could make for some very anxious Saturdays.

Re: Offenses can get better. Remember

Posted: Oct 10, 2019 6:55 AM

First off please tell us what, if anything those 2016 games have to do with this season. They don't!
What happened in 2016 has no bearing on what happens this Saturday.
We either move the ball, or we struggle.
We either give the defense some help, or they will have to rise to the occasion once again.
And finally, there is no blueprint because each team we play will have different schemes, have different personalities, and present different problems than UNC did.
And who knows, maybe they kick the extra point and take it into overtime.
And we all know how overtime in college football works.

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