Topic: Last night and the bigger picture
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Last night and the bigger picture

emoji_events [9]
Posted: Dec 1, 2013 3:18 PM

Last night was such an incredible disappointment on so many levels. It helps to take a broader look at things.

The program is vastly improved over the past few years. We have finally moved past the Ga Techs and Wake Forests of the world. Florida State is the only ACC to beat us in two years. Tommy Bowden lost his job because he couldn’t get the program to this point.

We are going to be good again next year. The schedule is more difficult and we’d likely be happy with 10-2, but we are going to be a really good football team. Our defense is going to be better. Brent is doing a great job. I’m looking forward to having a new QB. We need a leader in that position who is composed. Tajh seems like a great guy, but he just falls apart too often. I’d rather have a QB with a little less talent who is consistent and reliable. The good news is that we may end up with a QB who is just as talented.

It’s impossible to replace Watkins, but we are loaded at WR. We need to find a RB, but there’s plenty of talent there too.

Recruiting is going well. Our facility upgrades are all on track.

We would have given anything to have the program in this position in the 90’s and 00’s.

As for last night, we should have won. There’s no excuse. The trick play set the tone for the disaster. Hot Rod should have had 30 carries. Chad made poor decisions. He seemed averse to doing things that worked. Running the ball more would have taken some mental pressure off Tajh. We should have run the ball until they stopped us.

Last night wasn’t about talent, as I’ve seen some posted. We had six turnovers and only lost by two touchdowns, for goodness sake. Spurrier is in our heads big time. He’s had our number since his Duke days. He’s got to retire one day. In the meantime, some new players with fresh perspectives stepping up will help.

You pretty much nailed it. Good assessment of this season

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 3:30 PM

and what's to come.

Re: Last night and the bigger picture

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 4:46 PM

Next year we win 7 games.

Re: Last night and the bigger picture

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 4:51 PM

Did you say Brent is doing a great job? you have to be kidding. The guy is clueless. For heavens' sake, Shaw ran at ;least 10 times on the QB draw and your Brent had no answers. He knows less about defensive sets than I do about nuclear fission and I don't know anything about fission.
Chad made a few mistakes. Excuse me. He is not capable uf using his plays to suit the game situation. The pass by Sammy was a disgraceful call and shows a lack of basic understanding of offenses. If it is working, keep feeding it to them. Not hard to see but apparently your glasses are all fogged up. WOW,.

Re: Last night and the bigger picture

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 5:02 PM

IF Sammys pass had been caught for a TD and the Tigers went from there to win the game you and everyone else would be singing their praises. What a great call!

Unfortunately, tigernet is loaded with 20-20 hindsight... something that the coaches do not have. If you are unhappy with Clemson football and the coaches, that is an easy fix for you. You are not being smart if you torture yourself.

I wear contacts.

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 6:11 PM

Yes. Brent has done a great job. We've seen nothing but steady improvement. He inherited a mess. Next year we'll finally have the caliber defense we need.

I did't write anything nice about Chad. I'm very disappointed in the game he called last night. But my memory goes back more than a few years. I remember our offense before he got here.

Your reading comprehension is poor and you write like a 12 year-old. The thing is, you're not 12 are you?

I'm already excited about next season

Posted: Dec 1, 2013 5:12 PM

I think the combination of Stoudt/Kelly at QB with Watson in the wings will be far better than people expect

OL has depth and maybe, with a big RB next season in Dye and a real speedster in Gallman, we actually see the improvement we need

WR-Bryant, Peake, Humphries, Williams, Green, Hopper + a great WR class means more playmaking on the outside

DL should be among the best in the nation with or without Beasley

LB will be a strength with Anthony returning and Boulware and Steward stepping in for Shuey, plus guys like O'Daniel, Jones and a great set of recruits

DB will be a strength from the get go. Far more athleticism and depth

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