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Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 2, 2014 11:37 PM

After the game Saturday, I was left with that not-so-unfamilliar dammittohell feeling. The fourth quarter was the same feeling as the entire FSU game last year, which was terrible.

But I re-watched the game tonight, and I am really encouraged. We have some serious young talent on offense. We had the right call on at times, but it is a game of inches and with young players in a hostile environment you have to expect some miscues and plays left on the field. Unfortunately we strung way too many of those together to stay in it.

I honestly believe our defense will be as good as advertised. They were for three quarters, until they just didnt have the gas anymore. Georgia definitely made the most of our three and outs by running hurry up a good bit. Linebackers do need to take better angles but I will chalk that up to being absolutely exhausted.

We have the talent to win at FSU. I believe we can, and I am pumped up for a chance to go into the defending national champion's house, hurt their feelings, and #### on their heisman trophy winner's crabcakes.

Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 1:06 AM

Beat thong I've read about the game. Or at least top 5.

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Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 1:07 AM

Wasnt spellcheck^^ just careless

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Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 8:13 AM

completely agree. that game was close for about 3 1/2 quarters and we had a few drops in the first half that would have given us a first down and/or a big play. the coaches just can't be afraid to let the young guys on the field.

Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 8:19 AM

The 3rd quarter felt like the 3rd quarter in the last home SC game.

We were only down by 3 and still very much in it but it just kept slipping and slipping. I had the feeling we were one score from being done.. and UGA was gonna put it away but when was the only doubt.

Just my thoughts. It was close but the way our offense was playing and the way UGA kept getting close to scoring before switching RB then punting.

ITs a like a ### holding back water... The water level kept rising and rising.. then it burst.

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Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 8:39 AM

we didn't get a first down in the 2nd half. we had 39 yards in 13 plays in the 3rd Q and -24 yards in 9 plays in the 4th. score might have been close, but we were out of it at halftime. we played into UGA's gameplan. our only chance to beat them was to have gotten a bigger lead in the first half and forced them to try to throw more.

Re: Just Re-watched the Game

Posted: Sep 3, 2014 8:53 AM

I too, re-watched the game last night (was moderately intoxicated the first go around), and am also encouraged by some things, but disappointed by some others as well...

1. Morris's smashmouth spread isn't very smashmouth! I know the lose of Dye hurts us in that regard, but I would like to see us spread out opposing D's more often and use our talented WR set.. Use more 4 and 5 WR sets instead of 3 WR sets w a TE and HB in the backfield. This will give us mismatches on the outside more often. Yes, I know that Leggett and JayJay can be mismatches for LB's trying to cover them, but if you split out Williams, Peake, Hopper, Scott, and Kitt think of all the talent you have on the edges. Or Williams, Peake, Hopper, and Scott w Davidson or Gallman in the backfield. Basically, look at how Baylor, Oregon, and Tex AM use their 4 and 5 WR sets and how efficiently they move the ball. I know Morris wants to pound the rock more, and I want to be able to run between the tackles too, but I think we are more suited to spread opposing teams out more and use our wealth of talent at the wideout positions. I'm not saying give up on the 3 WR sets w a TE and RB, but incorporate more 4 and 5 wide sets.

2. The bringing in motion of Humprhies or whoever for the jet sweep isn't fooling anyone. Stop it. And I like Humprhies, he has performed well over the years and has had some big moments for us, but it's time for him to be the backup.. I want Scott, Kitt and Priester on the field more often. I know Kitt and Priester are back ups to to the Boundary and Y spots and aren't the slot WR spot, but get the most talented kids on the field. Put the ball in the hands of the playmakers. Adam has steady hands but isn't going to outrun anybody or break their ankles.

3. Throw the ball downfield!!!! We have Mike Williams @ 6'4 and apparently Tay Scott who can jump up and get the ball, so throw it! I know we take a few shots in the first half, but none in the 2nd half. I'm not expecting us to sling the rock like we did w Sammy, Nuk, Bryant, and Tajh, but we have 2 very capable QB's and a slew of talented receivers, so throw the ball!

4. Cole played well... I don't care what anyone says... He managed the game well and played well enough to win. He made some really good throws and had a few dropped passes that would have kept drives alive. He had 1 bad throw and play calling, and field position where the detriments in the end. I think there were a few chances in the 2nd half when he dumped the ball off before going through all of his progressions downfield but I think that comes with territory and the pressuring D of UGA. There was a few times DW did the same thing or took a sack too.

5. The defense looked good and despite 4th quarter shortcomings, they are going to be a solid unit. UGA will probably have 1 of, if not the best rushing attack in the country and you cant continually expect the D to stop them on a short field with zero rest between possession's. Yes, there were times we were out of place, over pursued, missed tackles, and blown assignment's but again that comes w a sense of urgency and complacency with the continual short field and no rest between.

6. We are loaded w young talent and if we can find a way to win in Tally 14 can still be a special year... If we lose there, I still think 10-2 is a good season especially with the Orange Bowl a real possibility again. Beyond 14, 15 and 16 can be really special with the talent we have, and the talent we are bringing in. The sky is the limit w DW at the helm and addl playmakers like Cain and Ray Ray III on there way in.

GO TIgers!

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Replies: 6  


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