Topic: 60 minutes interesting about scam on NFL
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60 minutes interesting about scam on NFL

Posted: Oct 23, 2016 8:06 PM


I don't think it was a scam. I think the guy truly thought

Posted: Oct 23, 2016 8:33 PM

it would be a huge money maker, but didn't do enough homework on the state of Alabama and its politics. And the players didn't do enough homework either. I think had the place been allowed to stay open, the players would have made a lot of money. That's why they call it investment. It's not a sure thing. The end game is generally low risk-low reward if any, high risk-high POTENTIAL reward. In this case, they risked a lot. The guy didn't steal their money. He got 10% of the total investment, but that was in the paperwork from the start.

The players should be upset at the fact that the NFL players union seems to be taking dues and not even answering phone calls, or updating listings, at least for the past seven months they haven't.

I'm tempted to blast Alabama for closing the place down and not letting a free people do as they please. But even Alabama, a state I hardly ever admire, seemed to have the best interest of its people at heart. The house is the only winner in an operation like that. They don't build all those glorious casinos in Vegas because the house isn't favored. A gambling setup like the one in rural Alabama, especially poker machines and such are a tax on the poor. The state stood to see a lot of that money, but decided it didn't want to sit back and watch the citizens that could least afford it, get fleeced.

I guess the investment manager got banned from further activity simply because he was bad at his job and lead people to bad investments which cost them money. But he didn't do anything criminal. He simply didn't do his homework well enough and neither did the players that invested. As for the NFL Players Union, it doesn't appear they do anything at all.

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