Topic: Funny now but was not then. Read my last 6min coronary
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Funny now but was not then. Read my last 6min coronary

Posted: Sep 29, 2018 4:26 PM

So the Brown family of two adults and 7 kids, are watching our Tigers. We streamed the game and because windstream should be NO-Stream, the stream stopped and froze. Mt oldest daughter of 18 wanted to see Etienne's stats. So she goes to espn to see. With PAIN AND DESPAIR in her voice, she says,"its over.
we lost." She shows me here screen and sure enough it was final. Silence ensued. The Brownie Bunch was in shock..I said "How? There was 6 min left...how. Hurt and pain swept through the household. Even my 8 month old was crying. HOW? "There is no way the video delay was that long, it can't be"

Well, because the 7 females in my house do know and understand football. like the patriarch of the Browm Clan, they are rabid Tigers. My wife pauses. She said its 23-20 Cuse up. How could the final score be 27-24 cuse? She said They had 23,you cant we had 20. How can both teams score 4 pts? Again,female figuring this out was, a testament to their knowledge of the game. My daughter goes back to the score board...and says " that was the score of last years game, there's 3 min left." I have had several family members die of coronary at age 40...I am 40...I thought I was going to join Fred Sanford and Elizabeth.

I almost made her pack her stuff and remove her rump from under my roof. (Jk)×



Posted: Sep 29, 2018 4:51 PM

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