Topic: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets
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FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 10:48 AM

Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

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Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 10:58 AM

It's really bad. I've been going to clemson games since I was in diapers and now might have to miss the auburn game as a student due to this ticket system. Still gonna support them tho whether behind a tv or in the stadium.

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 10:59 AM

I'm reading where a lot of students are not getting tickets to the Auburn game. I don't understand how they have messed this system up so much. If anyone should be going to a game, it is a student. Period. It's their school.

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:03 AM

Have to find a way to pay that new $6.5MM contract

Worth every penny***

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:30 PM

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We Could Pay Him $5.67M or $6.317M Instead***

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 2:43 PM

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Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:04 AM

Yeah it's ridiculous. Paid iptay for early access and still never got a ticket due to the insane amount of kids getting tickets and this lottery system they have going. I don't care where they put me, I'd sit at the top of one of the top decks just to be there. i know there's gonna be room too, and that's the worst part.

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 2:42 PM

Guessing that's part of the strategy. Students revolted last year when DRAd wanted to put them in the upper deck. Now that there's a low supply of tickets, students will beg to sit in the upper deck and DRAd can sell more lower deck seats. Maybe he's even smarter than he's given credit.

Supply hasn't changed. Demand has***

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 7:41 PM

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they've made it way too easy

emoji_events [39]
Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:06 AM

Students willing to log on to the internet to get a free ticket: ALL of them - 23,000+
Ticket in pocket, will go if it's 75 and sunny. Most likely will stay in the tailgate lot and drink.

Students willing to camp out/wait in line for tickets: way, way fewer than 23,000. Probably closer to 10,500. When you camp out for two days, you tend to actually GO to the game even if it's 100 degrees, or 28 and snowing.

Solution: go back to the camp-out method, and the ones who really want and appreciate the tickets will get them, AND be in the stands. Complaints go away.


Re: they've made it way too easy

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:27 AM

^^^ THIS

it's called "skin in the game"

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:33 AM

logging onto a website takes ZERO effort.

Taking computers entirely out of this will solve the problem.


figure out the student attendance to the WORST attended

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 12:31 PM

home game, and allow for THAT number to be picked up in person with their Student ID. It would have to be ONLY one per person( no blocks/groups for one person to pick up). This would encourage the "skin in the game" argument. If that number is 5K, then have the other 5 or 6K be online lottery for students that would have to be picked up in person so many days out. Any tickets NOT picked up would be sold online or as General admission at the ticket office.
I truly do not think that we have 18K trying to go to games........betting that it is closer to 10-12K for big games.

Just an idea........I am sure that the numbers are not 100%, but the general premise could work

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Clemson Football, the glory days are here!

Re: they've made it way too easy

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:42 PM

I would agree with this if it weren't for all the students at the satellite campuses that can't make it on campus to get a ticket, but really want to attend.

If they could somehow split the difference where the on campus students have to camp out and the remote students can use the internet, I'd say we'd have a good system.

Re: they've made it way too easy

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 2:30 PM

As a Clemson grad, I will never forget the nights of camping out for tickets. Truly some of the best memories I have. It is a shame they have done away with that system.

Camping out for tickets was some of the most fun I had at CU***

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 12:51 PM

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There's something in these hills.

Re: they've made it way too easy

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 2:56 PM

It's not free. They paid for it. A dang shame students can't go to their own games.

Re: they've made it way too easy

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 5:28 PM

It's free in a sense they didn't pay specifically for football tickets.

Also, donors and season ticket holders paid for their tickets too.

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Offer a solution, don't just complain

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:14 AM

I would have signed but you can't complain without providing an alternative. I'd like to see the virtual line created not be random but actually be based on the login time.

2020 student level member

Re: Offer a solution, don't just complain

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:28 AM

They need to go to Dabo
Do we really think Dabo would agree to anything that affected student attendance?

There was no complaining in the letter

It was concern

To offer an idea, you have be in the room and heard first

Such a simple process that worked got screwed by some idiot

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:15 AM

Monday - Seniors go get your ticket. If you dont have time, go on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Tuesday - Juniors go get your ticket. If you dont have time, go on Wed, Thurs, Fri
Wednesday - Sophomores
Thursday - Freshman

If you're in a Fraternity or Sorority, tell them and you'll get your ticket in that block of seats.

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Best Is The Standard

Re: same idiot that left National Champions off the new DV

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:28 AM

sign probably


Sounds like the old way...

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 6:44 PM

Easy button Millinial mentality. Zzzzz



I've been wrong two times, but this isn't one of them.

There are 18,000 Undergrads and 10,500 student tickets.

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:31 AM

There isn't a solution - only multiple options that leave different groups on the outside.


Re: There are 18,000 Undergrads and 10,500 student tickets.

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:38 AM

I agree with the poster that said that Coach can foster a solution.


Re: FB Update: The price of success

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:50 AM

We have become an elite program and now access is becoming "for the elite" and maybe the lucky.I graduated in '81 and remember waiting all week to go pick up that big orange printed game ticket on Friday, I think it was, before the Saturday game. My last season was 1980 and getting a student ticket was a breeze then, no hassle, no lines I can remember, no lottery, just go pick it up, class rank applied - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. The difference? Yeah, all the difference in the world of Clemson students then and now. For one, the student body was capped at 10,000 enrollment by the University. Yes we didn't want to become huge in numbers then, just special, and special we did, winning the National Championship in '81 ( a $15 dollar Orange Bowl ticket! Yes I still have it). Our history wasn't as a perennially elite team then; we were just emerging, so competition wasn't as great for the 80,000 plus seats in Death Valley and IPTAY was still "I Pay Thirty A Year". Now, back to the future, here we are with the largest student body ever, and that's great overall, but great success comes with a price that's becoming hard to negotiate. It's a shame more and more are going to be left out of the best Saturday experience in college football.

This is stupid.

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:54 AM

Clemson already has one of the lowest cost of attendance out of any top school with a good football program. And now the students are complaining that there aren't enough FREE tickets. I graduated in 2016 and I got tickets to every game I wanted to. The lottery they have now is not working, but you can't give the students more tickets, especially if they aren't willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for em.

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Snowflake Basher........Out

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 12:32 PM

Okay here is my solution. I say YES to letting every single student getting an opportunity to get a ticket. Sell them for face value. They will have to sell the tickets in the spring or summer so that what ever is left over can be sold to the public in time. That is the only way all 23 or 24,000 students have an opportunity to get a ticket. NO MORE STUDENT IPTAY. Seniors get first dibs and so on. For grad students. If you are a returning Clemson student then you get senior treatment. If you are coming from another school then sorry you have to get treated as a Sophomore or Jr. This is seriously the best way. This will show who really wants to go to the games. I mean season tickets for the public are $380 or something. Students spend more than that in beer for the semester.

If you still want a free ticket well sorry that's where this lottery comes in. Not everyone gets a ticket. I still have friends that are seniors and about a 3rd got a ticket and 1/3 didn't. That's how a lottery works.

Also its like most on here have been saying. We are coming off a national championship. The desire to go to the games are greater than ever. So more students are going after tickets than they were 4 years ago. This has more to do with the explosion we're seeing today than a system issue.

2020 student level membermilitary_donation.jpg

Should have to sit through 4 quarters of Kent State

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 12:55 PM

to sign the petition. Lottery system isn't "fair" it's chance. There are quite a few tickets available to buy so go mow some yards and get there if you want it that badly.

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:06 PM

I was a full Pell Grant, work-studies and student loan student back in the day, but I'm sure I could have come up with $11.


2020 student level member

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:07 PM

There are a lot of good solutions already presented. I don't think it's fair for Clemson to be hijacked by several thousand students that may or may not show up, so I think that maybe requiring them to pay up front, and somehow refunding their cost provided they showed up to the game (and then there's a lot of "ifs" and "buts" around this) could also be a way to handle it. That way if they don't show up, Clemson still gets the money as if it were sold to the general public.

What would they do when 22k+ students want to attend a basketball game or a baseball game? I think for any event, there needs to be a cap, and the students could get assigned X number of games to attend for free based on seniority and their preferred games. Seniors/Juniors would probably get the big games while the underclassmen get the Kent States and Citadels.

I don't think the students should be able to sell their "free" tickets. I do think they should be able to experience games for free while they are there.

students should always be at the top of the list when it

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:13 PM

comes to ticket accessibility. after all, it's Clemson students playing in the dang game.


Re: students should always be at the top of the list when it

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:36 PM

Those players are playing because of scholarships paid by donors and the coaches are being paid by donors. If you want unlimited free tickets to watch your fellow students then go watch intramurals.

Re: students should always be at the top of the list when it

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 3:05 PM

It's weird to me that old men think students shouldn't get tickets when it's THEIR SCHOOL. A bad road we are going down.

Re: students should always be at the top of the list when it

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 5:30 PM

It's weird that you don't think it is the alum's school too, or the donor's school, or the season ticket holder's school.

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Winning solved everything, LOL - Was this a problem last yr?***

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:20 PM

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"something in these hills..." -joe sherman

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:28 PM

I would have bought my son a season pass for $150 or so to guarantee that he could go to all the games. He has Iptay and did not get a ticket to last years USC game or this years Auburn game. There's also nothing in the random lottery system that keeps the same students from being the unlucky ones. All his friends got tickets to Auburn and most did to USC. Perhaps if those students who didn't get a ticket for a big game like Auburn (that tried at the start of lottery) were then guaranteed a ticket to the next big game (Florida St.) that would make the system somewhat better, but unfortunately that's not the case. I also find it interesting that Bridge students can all buy a season pass and go to all the games but Clemson students cannot. Sure, I could go on Stubhub and get him a ticket for $200 (Ouch!!) but then he wouldn't even be able to sit with his friends. Still may happen.

I like this idea

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:29 PM

If you miss out on the Auburn game, you are able to go to the FSU game (or a game of your choosing). That makes a lot of sense.

2020 white level memberbadge-donor-15yr.jpg

I think CU students are about to learn about the law of

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:31 PM

unintended consequences.

Odds are good you'll all have ample ticket availability next season. Odds are also good they will no longer be free.

Congrats---justice achieved.

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Without students there is no Clemson University

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:38 PM

I graduated in '87. I seem to recall that we paid a $100 activity fee as part of our tuition which included football tickets. I went to every home game all four years but only had seats in the "student section" my senior year because of block seating. Anyway, without students there is no Clemson University. Without Clemson University, there would be no Tiger Football. Not necessarily an advocate for free tickets but I definitely think students should have better access to tickets.

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Without alumni there would be no Clemson University.***

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 5:15 PM


Re: Without alumni there would be no Clemson University.***

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 3:09 PM

So you think alumni should have priority over the students that are paying right now to attend there? How about letting them get to enjoy the college experience. It seems like you have had your turn and don't want to let it go.

Re: Without students there is no Clemson University

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 8:43 AM

We still pay the activity fee. It is now around 300 and we aren't guaranteed tickets. I'm a senior IPTAY member and the Auburn game will be the first game I have ever missed in my five years at Clemson.

Re: Without students there is no Clemson University

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 5:33 PM


Doesn't appear to be around $300, and by looking at the explanation found here: https://www.clemson.edu/finance/student-financials/documents/explanationoffees.pdf

it states:

"Activity Fee: Charged per semester, the activity fee, voted on by students, funds more than 300
student organizations and campus activities."

Doesn't appear that $40 guarantees you a football ticket.

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We'll see if Tiger responds.

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:38 PM

Unlikely because I don't think the mascot has much of a say in this.

2020 orange level memberbadge-donor-05yr.jpg

funny i remember going when i was a student when we sucked

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 1:42 PM

and so many didn't bother going or care.

Now we have the fair weather bunch increasing demand and the calculus in figuring out ticketing should change with the wave of a magic wand.

CUAD has failed to adjust the student ticket allotment to...

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 4:06 PM

...the growing enrollment over the years. Result is students are now getting the shaft. Every student should be offered a ticket. If requests go unfulfilled, then offer those tickets to IPTAY members who were denied ticket requests.

Do you think that IPTAY members would buy season tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 5:22 PM

without the Auburn and FSU games?


Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 4:08 PM

Athletics Response:

1 – “Your friends in the athletic department took away block seating.”
The athletic department, ticket office and IPTAY staff does not set the rules for student ticketing. We are the provider and facilitator of the ticket distribution, but those policies are set by the Student Government to maximize the student ticket allotment. Student Government informed the athletic department and ticket office they wanted to do away with block seating this year, and we are fulfilling the request of the students.

2 – “The ticket system has become a lottery of whether you belong to IPTAY or not.”
Of approximately 10,500 student tickets, 3,500 are allotted to IPTAY Collegiate Club. Those members of IPTAY Collegiate Club who do not receive a ticket in the Collegiate Club window can still logon and get tickets during their class allotment period. So, as a sophomore, you can access the Collegiate Club window on Sunday and if you do not get a ticket, can then try during the sophomore window on Tuesday morning.

3 – “Tickets for Clemson football can be as expensive as the cost of books for the semester or maybe even a meal plan or housing or tuition! What happened to us as students? Have we been forgotten?”
Clemson students receive free tickets to every home game. Clemson is the ONLY school in the Division I athletics to provide completely free access to football games – no student fee, no cost for tickets. We do this because not only haven’t we forgotten about our students, we love the environment they help create at Death Valley on Saturdays. Of the 80,000 seats in Death Valley, 10,500 are provided at no cost to Clemson students! That means more than 13 percent of the entire stadium is reserved for free tickets for students!

4 – “And if we do, we would love to at least experience the game with our friends! But they may not get a ticket or even have the same section seating.”
The student government noticed last year several students complaining about not being able to sit with friends when individual seats were assigned during the ticketing process. Acting on their request, this year we’re providing students the opportunity to sit in sections (The Hill, Lower Deck, Upper Deck) and students can enter the stadium with their friends and sit together.

2020 orange level member

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 11:38 PM

I honestly don't know enough about the problem to know if there is a sensible solution. However, I do think there should be some system to reward students that attend events other than football games. Our student attendance for basketball games, for example, is pitiful. Why not have a priority system that includes IPTAY participation, year in school, and participation at other events? If you want to be ALL IN, be ALL IN. I was at Clemson in the Shyatt days and didn't miss a basketball game. True student fans show up win, lose, or draw; rain or shine; and should be rewarded. I also don't see anything wrong with having a tent line. It's fair, it works, and it rewards those who want it the most. Just give those with priority an earlier window to join the line.

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 4:52 PM

If this is gospel, and I believe it is, then the issue is very different that expressed by some of the uninformed. Goes to show how many are ready to indict before the truth is known.

Looks to me the university is working with the students. Not sure all students are being fair with fellow students. Hope I'm wrong.


Students are part of what makes DV what it is

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 4:24 PM

Students are what helps creates the atmosphere that gives us such a huge advantage at home - they are paying a lot of money to go to school there and should get the opportunity to go to EVERY home game as part of their student activity fees.

With that said, if they are being given a ticket to a seat that would easily be filled by someone else willing to pay the university money, they then have an obligation to fill that seat and keep it filled until the end of the game. Even more so if it is part of a block seating for clubs.

I might even go as far as conducting a few random audits of who is sitting in the seats and if it is not the student it was issued to, they lose their ticket privileges for the remainder of their student career.

While no one has a right to anything, I feel students should get the opportunity to be at all home football games, but they shouldn't get the opportunity or have a right to the ticket and what it is worth to them on the open market should they choose not to go.

How the process has changed

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 7:01 PM

When I first started at Clemson it was the wait in line by day. (IPTAY Collegiate, Senior, Junior, etc)
Then they went to the online first come first serve by day.
Now they have a lottery, which I do not agree with.

The first two options required you to have to do something (be that minimal effort), and you had an even higher chance if you donated $60 to IPTAY Collegiate.

Basically if you were able to keep a calendar and donated $60 to IPTAY you had about a 99.9% chance of getting a ticket.

Even with the old system, every time there was a big game, it was always, "oh I didn't get a ticket, why didn't I get a ticket" ... when in all honesty the kids who donated $60 (very affordable) and had their time management together always got a ticket and you never heard from them.

Essentially if Clemson football meant enough to you, you would donate and be on time to get your ticket. They should just go back to this way, was really not that complicated and really not even that much effort.

2020 student level member

Re: How the process has changed

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 7:55 PM

It's time to build seating above the hill lofted over the road (where traffic can pass under).

If this works...

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 8:14 PM

the students should have to sign agreement that they will be there when the game begins and stay until the end. If the seats become empty during that time, the ticket holder should have to give up his/her seats for the rest of the season. Unless there is a life or death situation, they should stay the entire game

Re: FB Update: Petition growing to fix Clemson student tickets

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 10:09 PM

Class differences. The way of our society raising it's head at Tiger football. It always happens in every society because those that can't (attend) try to influence those that can (attend).

Why can't we just agree that our success is wonderful, that we can't all attend every game, or the big games. It's life. Live with it and quit griping. I did it, thousands have missed attending games. At least most can watch it on TV, us older Tigers hadn't the luxury.

Count your blessings, not your unmet desires. Tiger students time will come, just like it did with us alumni. Go Tigers, young and old.


Digital ID's and scanners are ubiquitous - scan student ID's

Posted: Sep 1, 2017 5:19 PM

coming in and going out of every sporting event. Those racking up athletic support points get premium placement and first dibs for bigger games. Those only caring about the big football games and nothing else, well, you might be out of luck.

Build up points throughout a season and throughout the years. This accomplishes the 'skin in the game' approach ("I go to soccer games and stayed 4 quarters vs. Kent State"), it's equitable (everyone has an opportunity to build up points), and it would encourage attendance at many events that simply need butts in seats, plus encouraging earlier arrivals and later departures.

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