Topic: Enough of the boohoo bellyaching...
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Enough of the boohoo bellyaching...

Posted: Nov 30, 2012 9:42 PM

For the past 2 weeks many of you "fans" have been down on Dabo, blaming Chad for everything from having no game plan (couldn't be that he just had a BAD plan, made worse by a tough D could it?)to planning his interview with NCSU instead of having his head in the game, second guessing BV and most infuriatingly, crying that we are so frickin subpar to the mighty SEC. Just ocnsider for one minute how close we all were to being able to reclaim our rightful braggin rights (look at series record)... had we stopped SC on the 3rd and 19 qb keeper it is still a 1 play game...and not many teams in the country have an offense, whether you think it is gimmicky (which has been so oft repeated here these last 2 weeks...funny how you all LOVED it up until now)or not that have the true 1 play capability that Clemson has. Had we made 1 stop, despite being outplayed for most of the night, we still could have easily been in a position to hit a homerun on our last possession.

Yeah, it didnt happen, yea we lost, yeah they have won 4 straight... things happen, deal with it and dont be such a fairweather frined who sells out when the sun goes behind a cloud. We do not suck, we are NOT a weak team, we could very easily beat whichever SEC team we face in a few weeks and we are going to be a mighty force to re ckon with next year, and the next few years after that with the talent we are bringing in here. Yeah the ACC is down, yeah the SEC is stout, but none of that has anything to do with us not being able to do magical things. Either get on the train (AQLL IN) or #### and go be a fairweather friend for some other team... just sayin

Re: Enough of the boohoo bellyaching...

Posted: Nov 30, 2012 10:05 PM

You don't even know the definition of fair weather fan do you? A fair weather fan is only a fan when things are good. If people are still Clemson fans, in spite of being unhappy about the loss, they are not a fair weather fan. You can be a fan and still complain if you don't think things are being done the way they should be. Real fans stick by their team through thick and thin, because they love the team but not always the people in charge. People who don their orange proudly, but criticize and want better for there team are not fair weather fans...quite the opposite actually.

You should be calling out people that said they are throwing away all of their orange and becoming a fan of _____. THAT'S a fair weather fan.

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