Topic: Did Dabo hurt college football? (A little long)
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Did Dabo hurt college football? (A little long)

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:13 AM

Before I get crucified, let me state that he has been great for Clemson, but I am referring to the game itself. I am not sure that his success has not given many programs unfair expectations for what they can expect of a coach, and that is especially true of their fanbases.

It just seems to me that the life cycle of a college coach has gotten shorter and shorter. You hear people say that you need to give a coach 4 years to get his own guys in, but how many just say that but then quietly think, "Dabo got to 10 wins in his 3rd season. Do we really need to give our guy that long?" I just wonder if a lot of the shortening of the lifespan of coaches might not be due to Dabo.

We also got Dabo without spending a whole lot. With the firing of Addazio, I wonder where BC intends to go. Addazio was 11th among ACC coaches as far as salary. If you are paying like a bottom of the barrel team, should you expect to get a top notch coach? I think way to many teams just think that they need to find their Dabo, and it just isn't that easy. Dabo is the exception to the exception of the rule. If teams make a hire expecting results even remotely similar, then they probably buy lottery tickets expecting to win, and that is if they are paying top dollar. If they expect to find their Dabo at a bargain basement price then they are downright delusional.

It doesn't help that most fanbases probably just see Dabo as coming out of nowhere, which in some ways he did, but in certain ways he certainly did not. Outside of Clemson, people probably do not realize that early on he got a commitment from the administration to spend the money necessary on facilities. They also probably do not know that he passed on making more in order to put a higher quality staff around him. For other programs, what they don't know can hurt them, because they might not be willing to spend money that they did not account for to grow the program.

We are awfully lucky to have Coach Swinney, and as grateful as I am, I probably do not give thanks enough for the gentleman that was sent our way. I am not going to complain about being on the good end of what I think is a growing talent disparity, but I hope that other teams will understand one thing. There is only one Dabo Swinney.

No, you're way short sighted here, brother.

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:19 AM

Clemson walked in the desert for 30 years trying out coaches who had one most important thing in common, Hatfield, West and Bowden had integrity. Finally we found Dabo. Anyone who is trying to mimic Clemson's search should try to keep that long walk in mind.

Clemson deserves Dabo, we didn't stumble across him blindly we sought him diligently by putting our integrity above our W/L goals. Others want instant gratification. Let them eat cake.

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Re: No, you're way short sighted here, brother.

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:36 AM

I understand that there were a lot of rough years, and I shutter at the thought of the Tommy West era, but to an extent it illustrates one of the points. We had 4 years of Hatfield, 6 years of West, and almost 10 years of Bowden. Now teams expect someone to change the program in a couple of years.

Those expectations came before dabo.

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 8:57 AM

Cheznick was booted in less than 4 years and he won a NC.

Re: Did Dabo hurt college football? (A little long)

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:43 AM

I believe the leashes have shortened and the expectations have grown, because the salary packages these guys receive are huge. With big rewards come big expectations and short times to bring about results.

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Dabo is just Dabo. A good person. Period. Nothing special

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:47 AM

about him otherwise. He would be great doing #### near anything. I have zero doubt he'd be one heckuva real estate agent if Tommy Bowden didn't grab him to coach wide receivers. He'd be great doing anything he can do well and enjoys. Period. Some people are just like that. I wouldn't overthink it any further than that. He is what every football coach strives to be, only Dabo doesn't strive to be that. He strives to be the best person he can be, and that rubs off on others. His players. Our assistant coaches. Everyone.

And don't discount that Clemson is a football (college) gem that's never been mined before Dabo came. He saw what was special. He saw the potential, and he went and grabbed it.

It's not a cookie cutter thing with coaches. Every coach is different. Every person is different. Every school is different. USC hit paydirt with Spurrier. He was the perfect fit for USC. Danny Ford was a perfect fit for Clemson.

My point is there are so many variables that have to come together, and the coaches resume is only one piece, and actually not that important, as Dabo has shown. For example, if Steve Spurrier came to Clemson (we'd never hire him), we would stink. Be mediocre at best. He overachieved at USC though because he was a good fit for the school. It's not rocket science.

Look at LSU. They hired Ed Orgeron. Guy has DEEP Lousiana roots. He coached at USC as an assistant for years in California and totally out of his environment. Then became head coach at Miss State, where he stunk and was fired. Went to LSU and he "grew where he was planted". Take Lou Holtz. Had an amazing run at Notre Dame only to come to USC and lay an absolute egg. Bobby Bowden, started off Howard and was good, then at WVU was average at best. Went to FSU and made them a powerhouse and became a legendary HOF coach. Point is the resume matters little. The PERSON and the school (and the fans) all need to match.

This is something so few people understand today. This group-think goes beyond college football coaching. You see it in the media, political and sports media. Dabo is absolutely correct that Virginia would be 9-3 in any league. This whole mentality that so and so is a good coach no matter where he's planted, that such and such a conference is better just because they have some really good teams, that doesn't matter. Just like Clemson struggling against UNC means absolutely zero as far as how good a team we have. Or that we played "soft" opponents in the eyes of the media group-thinkers. Doesn't matter.

No Dabo, if people take the time to understand him, will HELP college football. He will help PEOPLE. He's a guy who "gets" what no one else can see or understand. And this goes way beyond football, to life. He recruits the person as much as the player. He will take a 3 star guy with great character who sees the world his way, over a 5 star guy who beats his chest about his resume and numbers. That's how he picks his staff too. He will not hurt college football at all. In fact, if college football cared enough to really pay attention to what he has done, he will REVOLUTIONIZE college football. And honestly, despite the coaching record or anything else, you can thank Tommy Bowden and TDP as well. They saw the potential in a PERSON like Dabo, and put Clemson's money on that. And we hit the jackpot.

There are Dabo's all over this world. Some in schools like USC in Columbia who don't get it, who kill themselves trying to fill a resume instead of a life. Live a good life, and your resume makes itself.

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"Tiggi­ty is like finding a high-motor, Dabo five star heart guy. Underrated by the recruiting services, sort of like a Dorian O'Daniel."

Re: Dabo is just Dabo. A good person. Period. Nothing special

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 11:29 AM

I think the several of the things that you mention are some of the most important to Dabo's success. I just am not sure that most people notice that part when they are not in the area. I wonder why more programs do not look within to hire someone that they know the little things about. Many are different because of the size of the programs, but it seems to me that teams have had much more success hiring from within. Ed Orgeron, Lincoln Riley, it appears Ryan Day, and at one time Jimbo Fisher were very successful after being promoted from within. I don't question the reasons for Dabo's success. I just question if most programs see the most important ones.

no but he broke the Alabama machine.***

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:50 AM

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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Re: no but he broke the Alabama machine.***

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 8:15 AM


I am thankful for Terry Don Phillips

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 10:57 AM

The man should be in the ring of fame for the Dabo Swinney hire.

If USC was smart, and they're not.....

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 11:02 AM

Or Arkansas, or whoever.... they'd be paying a hefty consultant fee to Tommy Bowden and/or TDP to go find a good coach.

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"Tiggi­ty is like finding a high-motor, Dabo five star heart guy. Underrated by the recruiting services, sort of like a Dorian O'Daniel."

Re: I am thankful for Terry Don Phillips

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 5:20 AM

We should also all be thankful for Tommy Bowden. He went out of his way to help ensure we ended up with Dabo. He could have just left and let one of the coordinators take over. But he lobbied for Clemson to let the receiver coach lead the team. He knew what Dabo was capable of and tried to help Clemson when he was on the way out. He even gave a reference for Dabo, Gene Stallings. That was a class act, and he is a good man. Gene Stallings also gave Dabo the thumbs up, even saying he would hire him is Clemson did not. There were many people that had a hand in Clemson ending up with a great coach. Terry Don Phillips went out on a limb and made an unconventional hire. He then supported Dabo because he believed in him. When Terry Don took Dabo before the board, they told him that they wanted to be the next Alabama. Dabo said they had the wrong man. He did not want Clemson to be like Alabama, he wanted Clemson to be Clemson, and for everyone else to want to be Clemson. He won the hearts of his staff and administration when he gave up his own salary in order to compensate his coordinators. He wanted the best, and he was willing to sacrifice. I have heard that Dabo donates a lot of money to IPTAY. He gets what he wants because he is willing to work and put his priorities first. I am more proud of Clemson for the type of young men that they recruit and groom to be mature men with a work ethic and good heart. They graduate football players and lead by example. The other sports are being helped by Dabo also. He truly wants the best for Clemson and the community.

Re: Did Dabo hurt college football? (A little long)

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 11:01 AM

No, it wasn’t Dabo. It’s a sign of our present day society that has been raised to demand and expect “instant gratification”. People have no patience anymore.


Earned gratification beats instant gratification

Posted: Dec 2, 2019 11:07 AM

Every time. That's why so many lottery winners go broke, and made absolutely zero billionaires.

Ever wonder why a lottery winner, someone who was poor before winning, why so few (like none of them) have gone on to become billionaires by multiplying their winnings? Something like 90% of them are bankrupt in 5 years.

Knowing a way to help people and earn money is SO MUCH MORE fulfilling than being given any amount of money.

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"Tiggi­ty is like finding a high-motor, Dabo five star heart guy. Underrated by the recruiting services, sort of like a Dorian O'Daniel."

Coaches are CEOs

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 1:20 AM

College coaches with their huge salaries are just like CEOs of major corporations. Their goals are many but the main one is to increase the value of their stock (wins) with an acceptable rate of return to the shareholders. Corporate America usually gives a CEO a couple of years (+/-) and if the stock value hasn't changed, the Board of Directors moves them out.

No difference.

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Re: Did Dabo hurt college football? (A little long)

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 6:46 AM

Dabo didn't hurt college football, he and the AD just did it old school.

Others have said this and IMO, many of the coaches are all about the money and Dabo wasn't. Dabo had a plan and was given the time and opportunity to put it in place without breaking the bank.

Then there are the administrators that want it now so the coaches are put on short leashes like Taggery and Morris.

Then there's Uof6C that gets in over their heads and can't afford to replace a really bad coach because the AD has no business sense.

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With all the recent success Dabo has had, it is conveniently

Posted: Dec 3, 2019 8:50 AM

forgotten that he was on the verge of being fired after his second full season, just BEFORE that first 10 win season. A 6-7 final record, with an embarrassiing loss to South Florida in the Meineke Car Car Bowl had many people screaming for his head. I myself admit to being unsure if he was the guy to lead us at that point. I was firmly in "wait and see" mode, wondering the same thing that I wondered when Tommy Bowden exited, which was, who would we be able to hire that was better for us? (There was no ambiguity on my part about that one, I sent a letter to the President calling for Bowden's immediate dismissal following that dismal Wake Forest game. I always joke that it was my letter that put TDP over the top and got it done. You are welcome.) That is why, and when, I truly thank God for Terry Don Phillips. He saw the behind the scenes progress, and rolled the dice a second time on Dabo, when it would have been very easy to admit he had made a mistake, and move on. The rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

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