Topic: DJ won't get a full week of practice
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Replies: 25  

DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 12:41 PM

Most of us are counting on DJ at least getting a full week with the #1s this week. We're wrong.

In a twist of irony, in 2020 the NCAA mandated Election Day as a day free of slavery--i mean, practice for uncompensated athletes--in response to the player-driven advocacy earlier this year partially guided by two Clemson upperclassmen, Trevor and Darrien Rencher.

So DJ misses out on reps because of the upperclassmen's activism. In fairness, so does Ian Book, but his wouldn't have helped. And perhaps the person missing out the most is Taisun, because Dabo has been working the #2s almost as much as the #1s. TP could really use the extra snaps.

BTW, I'm not upset with activism, and I'm not upset that the day off is biting us harder than ND. But activism is ALWAYS more complicated than it seems, and rarely has the positive benefits it envisions. Most college students will not vote tomorrow anyway, because they have not established residency in Clemson or their local college community. They would have to vote absentee in their home community, which doesn't require Election Day off, and that ballot should have been procured in advance.

But what having Election Day off does accomplish is allowing leftists to congratulate themselves that they have helped America take democracy seriously, and have raised Americans' expectations of themselves at least to third world levels.
(Don't third world countries provide "walkin' around money" for poor voters like we do here in inner cities?)

Never mind that many of us have never been paid to vote but yet have never missed an election in spite of working sometimes multiple jobs.

Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 12:44 PM

Physically DJ just got a full game of practice. That will do him much more good than 1 more day on the field would have.

Mentally is where DJ can greatly improve to prepare for the ND game and Dabo has said that the players will still have full access to their videos and gameplans for a mental prep day tomorrow.

This is a non-issue as far as DJ's prep is concerned.

Dabo said they started yesterday.

emoji_events [5]
Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 12:46 PM

So...they had their normal Monday practice on Sunday. And you can bet DJ will be in the film room, and probably on the field with the receivers, on Tuesday.

I get your other points, though, and agree.

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You do realize...

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 12:49 PM

the team and the staff started practicing and preparing for the ND game on Sunday since Tuesday is a mandatory day off.

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Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Re: You do realize...

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:01 PM

Yep everything was moved up 1 day to compensate for Election Day.

And since Coach Dabo said most of the players have already voted...

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:05 PM

Guessing we could find a bunch of players watching film on Tuesday.

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Re: You do realize...

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:03 PM

I would doubt the OP reaalizes it. The day off is silly and unneeded. Almost ll college football players arnt locaal and could vote absentee or via mil. That should strongly encouraged by schools and the NCAA. DJ and Nagat will not go home to Cal to vote most likely. It is the out of touch NCAA trying not to look like the fossil they are


Coach Dabo said after the game Saturday that game planning started right away...

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 12:59 PM

Practice started on SUNDAY this week because of players being off on Tuesday.

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I have no doubt that DJ will elect to spend his Tuesday

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:12 PM

Watching film and studying after he votes.

Just because it’s not a mandatory practice day doesn’t mean he can’t be productive.

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Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:14 PM

I sure hope you have something else to complain about. #5 will get all the reps he needs and I sure hope you watched last weeks game. He can handle whatever ND can throw at him. The only position we aren't really "next man up" is on the Oline.

Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 1:52 PM

Moaning about getting the day off to vote?!?! And then getting a dig in about the kids who advocated for it. Followed by some weak complaint about the leftists, tired Bull$hit. Why no complaint about Paul fineperson and ESPN voter conspiracies and stuff about China trying to rig the election with the rona virus?

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A whiny racist political post disguised as a football post.

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 2:08 PM

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Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 2:10 PM

Started practice on Sunday.


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They still get the 20 hours, it just gets divided differently

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 2:27 PM

Travel time Friday will be biggest change in routine.

Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 2:55 PM

Clemson practiced Sunday to make up for election day, quit throwing out B.S.

Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 3:34 PM

My son's elementary school is closed too, grab the torches!

I've got to work, wife's gone shopping! Boo!***

Posted: Nov 3, 2020, 8:55 AM

Mods, please remove this utter political nonsense

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 3:47 PM

from the football forum. I don't know whether to give you a tinfoil hat, a straightjacket or a sock in your mouth. Better go with all three to be safe!

As everyone else has said, Election Day being a holiday will not affect our ND prep whatsoever, so your stupid diatribe means less than nothing and needs to head straight to the digital trash can.

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Re: Mods, please remove this utter political nonsense

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 8:42 PM

I apologize for not knowing what apparently Dabo told the rest of you.

I'm a SE business person without government payoffs during the era of Corona-19, so I follow the team by radio. When our game ended I cut to the ND radio network so I could get familiar with their announcers and their concerns about their team. That's the only place I've seen or heard the day off mentioned.

As many times as I've commented on how Dabo uses his MBA to run his program like a business, I should have expected him to make that scheduling change.

My comments re activism and the fascism of fraudulent political organizations still stand.

Oh, I didn't include that? Go to the political board to learn about the various non-profits violating their charters by guiding voters to the Democratic Party slate of candidates.


Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 9:00 PM

BTW, my parents were both teachers, as I was in my first career.

No one ever gave us a day off to vote. We did it after a full day of work, because we cared enough to stand in line, sometimes until the polls closed.

And because we educated ourselves enough to know that informed voters can make a difference.

If you're giving people a day off to vote, you also owe it to the rest of us to give them a day off to educate themselves on the issues. An electorate that has been 'educated' by watching TV news (including CNN or Fox) might as well be a third world electorate.

Nowadays we close schools to use as polling places. But high school football teams are still allowed to practice (unless that's changed this year).

Good Lord dude - just step away from the keyboard for a bit.***

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 9:08 PM

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polls are only open from 7am to 7pm

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 3:57 PM

and voting early or by mail is too difficult for some people. We need to make it a national holiday so government and bank workers get an extra day on our dime.

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Re: polls are only open from 7am to 7pm

Posted: Nov 2, 2020, 9:04 PM

I have seen alot of dumb post on here but this one is going in the vault.

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i'll give you a point for making a football post political

Posted: Nov 3, 2020, 7:47 AM

outside of that, seems like an awful nitpicky point. if the team can manage COVID protocols (which in my opinion are waayyy more stupid than having election day off), I am sure they can manage 1 day


Posted: Nov 3, 2020, 8:35 AM

Heavy eye roll post.

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Re: DJ won't get a full week of practice

Posted: Nov 3, 2020, 2:14 PM

He probably gets more practice than usual this week. On a normal Sunday probably the only the team does is get treatment for injuries etc. This week they had a “Monday practice” on Sunday. Although there will be no organized practice on Tuesday, it is highly likely that lots of groups will be “practicing their craft”, looking at film, lifting weights, getting treatment, etc during their “day off”. Thus DJU might actually get more time with the receivers this week.

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Replies: 25  


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