Topic: Clemson and Alabama have become equals (VIDEO)
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Clemson and Alabama have become equals (VIDEO)

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 12:10 PM


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The one thing I don't like about this video...

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 12:42 PM

.... is how it ended...felt like they intentionally ended it with the "Bama will raise the trophy" theme and all the crimson confetti flying at the end..... could have ended it a little more neutral IMHO.

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..:: ru4god2 ::..

It DID say that Clemson is their (FPI) favorite to repeat

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 2:00 PM

I thought the whole thing was very balanced.

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Re: Clemson and Alabama have become equals (VIDEO)

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 1:43 PM

Agree it should have ended with a split screen of 'bamer on one side, and our Tigers on the other.

As an aside a couple of stats only serve as fillers. The number of weeks at 1 means nothing. At best its an educated guess. Dabo always emphasizes, win and the rest takes care of itself. The only one that matters is the last one, and all you have to do is be in the top 4.

Also, the back and forth over the last 4 years has absolutely nothing to do with a prediction on this years game. To paraphrase Dabo again, this years team hasn't won a single game yet.

Like all y'all already know, he's easy to quote as he has so many good ones.

Re: Clemson and Alabama have become equals (VIDEO)

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 1:52 PM

Oh but they heard and they listen, they just convinced their selves that Tua and Hurts were better than DW4 a Trevor just to have their twist on why Bama will beat Clemson. How has their convince them selves into believing what they wanted to believe, that has ended in a 2-2 record with Clemson winning 2 NCG's to Bama's 1 NCG win back in 2015, with Clemson winning the NCG in 2016 and NC win in 2018. We loss to Bama in 2017 only bc we couldn't complete anything down field. As much as a lot of actually solid Clemson fans hate hearing even if true, Bama's game plan in 2017 was to force KB to pull the ball down and run with Bama closing off every running lane KB could get to, and Bama had already collapsed those lanes for zero or minus gains.

I'm not saying that KB was a bad QB, he had won 11 games and loss 1 up until we faced Bama in that playoff game. Saban knew that KB couldn't get the ball out quick enough before his D forced KB to pull the ball down and run for his life just as Saban had planned on defending KB. Give KB the credit for the A&M game if that makes everybody feel good, But one of those TD's that help to win the game, and give ETN tons of credit in that 1st half bc he was a a heavy load to stop. Texas A&M got really lucky with more than several of those catches, and that game should have been something like 28-13 if not for some absolutely lucky completions by A&M. But I still believe we could have won with Trevor leading our team in the second half. Here is a condensed A&M game, and KB wasn't all that great either.
IMO TL was the right and best move our coaches could have made for the 2018 season, so go a head and get those TD clicks going bc, Dabo made the absolute right call where our QBs were concerned last season, and I will stand for any decision he makes concerning our FB team, at least until he is 75 years old!!!


And here the condensed GT game.


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