Topic: COVID just sealed the Heisman for Trevor
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COVID just sealed the Heisman for Trevor

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:14 AM

If Trevor returns for ND and plays at a similar level for the rest of the season, the Heisman is sealed, signed, and delivered.

A QB beating every team on his schedule, as well as coronavirus? Stats won't even really be a factor at that point, imo.

It may not seem like it now, but I think we will look back on this as a blessing in disguise. #ClemsonsFirstHeisman

I actually was concerned about the opposite happening.

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:17 AM

Especially if he is out for two weeks. If Jones or Fields have two weeks of top level performance, ESPN will be gitty to talk-up the QBs of their preferred programs.


My argument is obviously contingent on

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:39 AM

Us winning out, and Trevor more or less maintaining his level of performance.

The problem for Fields is that Ohio State MIGHT play 8 games. If they're lucky. That pretty much eliminates Fields from contention if Clemson doesn't cancel any games.

Mac Jones seems to be a fine QB, but he's no Trevor, and no stat line will ever change that reality.

We are talking about the guy who brought college football back from the ashes politically, will have beaten every team on the schedule, and overcame coronavirus.

Like I said, Trevor has been such an incredible ambassador for the sport, more than any other college QB in history. Now overcoming COVID, too? I don't even think stats will be the deciding factor at this point.

The Heisman voters are sketchy at best, but Trevor may be the most well rounded college football player that has ever existed. THAT is what the Heisman is about, and I have faith the voters will get it right.

Yea I’m not really understanding his logic either***

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:44 AM

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Read the post directly above mine...

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 10:56 AM


so you think logic will prevail?

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:30 AM

Logic never wins in these situations. Trevor could beat COVID, wint he natty, and fend off an alien attack with one hand yet the media will find a way to shove qhiq state to the front. Just the way it works.

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Generally, no, but

Posted: Oct 30, 2020, 9:42 AM

We are talking about the most well-rounded college fb player that has ever existed.

Without Trevor, we literally would not have a college football season or a Heisman ceremony to begin with.

Like I said, the guy has been such an incredible ambassador for the sport that I don't think the stats will be a deciding factor ultimately.

Replies: 6  


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