Topic: Bowden - "The Perfect Coach"
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Bowden - "The Perfect Coach"

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Posted: Jul 15, 2008, 3:13 PM

It's plain to me. Fans here in the midlands can't stand Tommy Bowden and they do everything that they can to disparage his good name. They make up stories and bask in everything negative comment (true or untrue) that anybody makes. They try to explain away his success and convince themselves in the face of all of the progress that he has made since his arrival, that he is Clemson's "show stopper". The very fact that he aggravates the heck out of people who don't like Clemson might be enough by itself to make him the perfect Clemson coach, but there is more. What people who dislike Bowden either don't see or refuse to acknowledge that,

1. Across the country, people are once again talking about Clemson football. That hasn't happened since a fellow named Danny Ford was prowling the sidelines.

2. Under Bowden, Clemson's facilities are once again near the top. That's no small feat for a school as small as Clemson,

3. Because people are talking about Clemson's program, the increased POSITIVE visibility has made Clemson a must-see for most of the region's top players and an increasing number of top national players too,

4. All of the negative energy that they direct towards our program actually helps us and hurts them. If I tell you a certain place is on farm, smells like cows, is boring, is ugly, and flat-out sux, how are you going to feel about me when you find out that,

4.1 "The farm" is actually beautiful rolling hills, trees and manicured green grass,

4.2 The "smells" are actually floral aromas emanating from well-kept flowers and bushes,

4.3 The "boring" is for people who aren't really focused on school anyway. If you can't have enough fun in Clemson or the surrounding areas, you can get to Atlanta or Charlotte (real cities) either way in two hours or less,

4.4 The "ugly" is actually scenic mountains and lakes.

After taking all of that in, you'll probably agree that the flat-out sux was a flat-out lie and you'd probably feel betrayed by the person that lied to you.

I say all of that to say this; as long as Clemson's detractors are talking about Clemson, "Clemson" does not have a problem - THEY DO! So I encourage them to keep putting Bowden down, keep insulting our school, keep ridiculing our traditions and keep spreading rumors, falsehoods, and stereotypes. That way, when people finally do find little ole Clemson, they'll discover for themselves that our detractors lied and are most likely just a jealous bunch of #####.


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