Topic: At some point, enough is enough....
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At some point, enough is enough....

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Posted: Oct 29, 2014, 5:21 PM

and that point has been passed weeks ago.

The Cole Stoudt bashing and jokes have gotten out of hand, and, IMO, I wish the mods would delete every one of them.

I will be the first to admit that I was on the Watson bandwagon from the beginning and said some things that I wish could take back about Cole.

I have never seen so many Clemson fans attack one of their own. Or have I ever seen so many Clemson fans use him as the brunt of jokes.

He wears that Orange and paw with pride, and we, as fans, should show some pride for EVERY player that has dedicated themselves to Clemson. He has spent as much time on the practice field as the best players on the team.

It is not his fault that he does not have the skills that Watson has. It is not his fault he is the only QB that we have that can be playing at this time. He, like, Watson is injured. He just happens to have an injury that does not require him to not use his hand as a QB.

Just because you do not like the way he plays or that his skills are not what YOU want them to be, please consider that he is human, too. You should put yourself or your son or family member in his place and then see if it is so funny.

IMO, he is doing the best that he can, and under the circumstances, better than most people would do with injuries and trying to live up to fan expectations of him. He is probably trying too hard at times just to make fans get off his back.

He is what we have right now. Ugly as some of the last 2 wins were, they were still wins. The defense kept us in the game, but he has had some drives that helped us win, also.

So, please, think before you post about him. He may be a young man that some will say he should realize that things like this will be said and should deal with them. But, the bottom line is, he is human just like all of us. None of us want to hear or read negative things about ourselves. That is obvious on this board. How many arguments and mile long threads have you seen here just because someone did not like what another said about them?

He is a TIGER and deserves the respect of a TIGER. IMO, most of this began when the coaches kept saying he was the starter after we had seen Watson play. That, my Tiger friends, is not Cole's fault. He seems now to get more negative remarks than Dabo and Morris when they made their decision. But, right now, there is no other decision to make.


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