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School Offered (8) Visit Date
ClemsonYes Wednesday, 1/14/2004
Central FloridaYes
Kansas StateYes
Louisiana StateYes
North CarolinaYes
North Carolina StateYes
South CarolinaYes


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Quentez Ruffin FAQ

What high school does Quentez Ruffin play for? Quentez Ruffin plays for Leon HS
What position does Quentez Ruffin play for Leon HS? Offensive Line
What are Quentez Ruffin's top college choices? Quentez Ruffin's top college choices are ,Clemson
What school did Quentez Ruffin sign with to play football? Clemson
What is Quentez Ruffin's national rank? 0
What is Quentez Ruffin's overall rank? 0
What is Quentez Ruffin's Offensive Line rank? 0
What is Quentez Ruffin's state rank in FL? 0
What is Quentez Ruffin's hometown? Tallahassee, FL
How tall is Quentez Ruffin? Quentez Ruffin currently stands at 6-5
How much does Quentez Ruffin weigh? Quentez Ruffin currently weighs in at 285 pounds
Where is Quentez Ruffin from? Quentez Ruffin is from Tallahassee, FL
What city is Quentez Ruffin from? Tallahassee
What state is Quentez Ruffin from? FL
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