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Tug Knows

Sep 19, 2021, 3:51 PM

I have been watching football for 97 years and that makes me an expert.
Also, have been reading the many post here by Tnet Tiger Fans. What some of yall have posted is nothing more than just posting you are "butt hurt", so fire all coaches. That is fun. Fans should rant and cheer as the mood hits them.

Some have made me rethink my preseason thinking, mostly their posts as to the slot.

Last season we had no tall receivers, had to rely on a couple short speedy receivers.
This season with the return of an endless supply of tall receivers, it looked to be a great season.
I was ecstatic!!

So why are Tigers struggling?

First off the "D" is playing at a Championship level. No team is playing better defense.

Since I am the expert and not the coaches getting paid million$, will explain. Don't make fun of me, yall are the ones reading this.

*** We lack a short speedy receiver ***.
Moving Ross to slot seemed to be a great idea to me, but nope!
Tall, lanky guys can run fast, but quick acceleration and route changing on a dime are often not their game.

No real slot guy frees up the secondary. More secondary players adding to the rush on the new QB is more than he can deal with. There is less time for the tall receivers to get in position, and extra help is guarding them.

A true slot receiver who could get open and take some pressure off the new QB and the WRs would be a plus.
We have one in Spector, but he is out.
With different play calling, maybe this can be adjusted for by quick slant passes? I don't know.

I am just glad actual, proven professionals are working on this and the team does not have to rely on my thinking. I remain confident.

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.... What type idiot would post hate as to a saxophone ? ?

There was this shifty QB by the name of Hunter Renfrow

Sep 19, 2021, 4:01 PM

You probably heard of him sometime in your 97 years of FB watching. I'd like to introduce you to a fella goes by the name of Will Taylor. Heard he was a decent QB like Renfrow was.

Put him in a slot with a few routes to run. Keep those D in the backfield honest. There's your plan... You are most welcome. ;)

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