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This plan could have worked
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This plan could have worked

Jul 1, 2022, 9:43 PM

Below was my correspondence with drad after Texas and OU move. I think we missed a chance to start the first true super conference. We could have flipped ###### on SEC and BIG. It was going to something like this anyway !!!

Well after being involved with Clemson athletics for over 40 years and 60 for my father …history does not leave many of us with overwhelming confidence in the ACC. I hear good things about Phillips from some Board of Trustee members down here in Columbia but the track record is one of basketball first and some of the TV rights decisions have seemed a little perplexing.

Hopefully things have changed and bold leadership is in place. I am just glad we have bold leadership at Clemson now. I know we all understand the current TV contract is going to have to change well before 2035.

From: Dan Radakovich
Sent: Monday, July 26, 2021 3:01 PM
Subject: [External] RE: Game changer

Thanks Hugh … this concept has been mentioned ( in a variety of forms ) in previous years … we have confidence in the leadership of the ACC to help us navigate a changing environment…..and allow us to set up for a positive future.
I am sure this journey will have many turns before it is all settled.
Thanks again for taking the time to send me your thoughts.

Dan Radakovich
Director of Athletics
Clemson University


I know it is time for cooler heads to prevail and there are a lot of unknowns but I think it is time for the ACC to get really aggressive. We all know it will be tough to compete with the current ACC football contract and we must think outside the box. In my 27 years in the military we were challenged to think outside the box and may be this is way outside the box and some other great ideas are on the table but I think this one has some possibilities.


Merger ACC and PAC 12 with ND and 4 Big 12 schools ….. create a truly super conference name.

As you know the old regional stuff is out the window; it is all what product can you provide for TV. The Big Ten, even with new SEC, will be in a good spot so they can sit tight or add a little if they want. It is the ACC, PAC 12 and remaining Big 12 that need a big time game changer. For once it is time to go big and even out do the SEC. Even it does not work you can always break it up, as we have seen conferences fall apart all the time. You know how the contracts would need to read, etc. So here it goes:

ACC/ PAC Northeast
Notre Dame

ACC Southeast
NC State

ACC southwest
Arizona ST
Ok state
Texas tech
Kansas State

ACC West
Oregon state
Washington state

-this forces ND to join or potentially lose games with USC, Stanford, etc. as would be 9 game conference schedule

-For Clemson 7 games a year are still "regional" and easy to travel to. Actually schedule is better as get Miami and UNC every year unlike now. I will easily trade those two for Cuse and BC

-for an incredible TV ratings and big contract you have a league "playoff". Winner of Northeast plays winner of Southeast in Charlotte. Winners of Southwest and West playoff semi-final in LA. Conference Championship in Dallas. Clemson vs. USC conference title would rival SEC Championship.

-This playoff scenario may only mean you can play 10 games but so what, 10 games of great product. Play a 9 game conference slate and leave one spot for rival games. You play you 7 Division foes then kind of like ACC/Big Ten basketball challenge you kind of set matchups before season starts. Clemson v. Oregon, ND get their USC game. Clemson could play UCLA in Rose Bowl.

Again it may mean long travel for one or two games a year but so what for the match-ups produced.

-You could create a mini "NCAA Tournament" for Conference Basketball tournament. Top three teams from each division make tournament along with 4 at large spots. So 16 team b-ball tournament. UNC, Duke, UCLA, Cuse, UVA, Arizona is a tournament that would have incredible ratings. (who cares about the ACC tournament now, it not what is was before NCAA went to 64 teams. Most teams if they win it nice but really playing for NCAA). This tournament set-up is must see TV

So what if only half the league makes tournament, the SEC does not allow all baseball teams to make SEC baseball tournament.

Same thing for baseball. Top 3 in each division, 4 at large. Arizona, Stanford, UVA, FSU, Arizona State, OK. State, a mini college World Series.

Ok I admit this is huge and may be you can do this through some alliance and not an actual conference. But the TV product this could produce is unbelievable. Obviously a lot of numbers would have to be crunched but can't see with these brands, conference playoff, etc how this not be huge dollars.

In this day and age, have to think big, big. I mean is it much different than SEC speculation about going to 20 teams?

FOR ONCE lets beat them to the punch.

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Cool name! Glad he spelled it correctly.***

Jul 1, 2022, 9:50 PM

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Re: This plan could have worked

Jul 1, 2022, 10:59 PM

Hugh, it sounds like someone took your advice. The B1G. Sadly what may have been a blockbuster idea was most likely being worked on the day Oklahoma and Texas bolted.

Obviously this b1g Pac 12, acc Alliance was really p12/b1g alliance... Either that or we said no.

Unfortunately, we're a fish out of water. Boat without a paddle, call it what you will. There's nothing the ACC can do now. The big fish aren't there. There's no teams left that we could build anything remotely close to the other two.

As usual, we got to suk hind twitty and cow tow to one of the other... And it makes me sick. We, as in Clemson, FSU 6 years ago should have controlled swoff, not the other way around. I really think if the two schools had threatened to leave, we could have forced the ACC to go big as you proposed. We sat on the sidelines.

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