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NCAA ratifies new constitution
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NCAA ratifies new constitution

Jan 20, 2022, 4:09 PM

The NCAA is a step closer to bringing some reforms within its three divisions after ratifying a new constitution on Thursday.

From the AP:

NCAA President Mark Emmert said in his state of college sports address the new constitution was more of a “declaration of independence” that will allow each of the association’s three divisions to govern itself...

In Division I, the goal is a potentially massive overhaul that figures to be more challenging and contentious. Athlete compensation figures to be a key topic.

Notably, the new constitution states: “Student-athletes may not be compensated by a member institution for participating in a sport, but may receive educational and other benefits in accordance with guidelines established by their NCAA division.”...

The committee has been charged with a monumental task. Division I has 350 schools, with a wide range of athletic missions and goals. Schools like Texas A&M and Texas have budgets of more than $200 million but D-I also has small, private schools that spend less than $10 million a year on sports.

What tethers those schools is competition, such as the March Madness basketball tournaments.

The questions before the transformation committee range include the requirements for Division I membership; who has a say in making rules across the division; what schools and conferences get automatic access to championship events; how revenue is shared; and what limits, if any, should be placed on financial benefits to athletes?..."

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I suspect that anything the NCAA rules on will immediately

Jan 20, 2022, 4:17 PM

Become worse

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Re: NCAA ratifies new constitution

Jan 20, 2022, 5:29 PM

Why does the NCAA even exist?

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Re: NCAA ratifies new constitution

Jan 20, 2022, 7:25 PM

The money from post season play in FB should not be divided equally among all conference members. The two schools participating in the game, should divvvvvvy up the loot. The winner gets 75%, loser gets 25%.

TV contract loot should not be split evenly. Each year it should be split by final standings in conference divisions. in ACC Winner of conference division gets 40% of loot, 2nd place gets 20%, third place gets 15% and others get 6.25% each.

Basketball too many teams for my brain to figure out, but winners get the most in post season play and in conference final standings the top three get the most.

The Weak sisters in the FB conferences and Basketball don't need to be on welfare payments from the stronger schools who are spending the money. Maybe if they can't survive on their own, they need to die on the vine.

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Replies: 3  
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