Topic: Dabo and TE press conferences at this point are simply going
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Replies: 3  

Dabo and TE press conferences at this point are simply going

Sep 26, 2021, 6:39 PM

to be coach speak and pep talk for the team. What I am interested in knowing is what is Dabo really thinking and to know that we will just have to wait until he acts on it. He may not act. But all the talking by him, the other coaches and the players really amounts to nothing right now. At this point actions are the only things that matter and the only things that will make a difference.

Many wondered how bad this season could get if we didn't have an elite defense. We are about to find out with injuries having take Tyler Davis and Bresee.

At this point, there's not any action he can take right now. He's not going to demote a coach in mid-season and he can't create players out of thin air. But it needs to be a busy December and January. Another year like this and this program will have fallen off the map to the point that it might take years to get back.

We need an offensive coordinator that really has a plan and desire. We need a creative and inovative offensive mind.

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Just put it in the mail...

Sep 26, 2021, 6:50 PM

c/o TE

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Re: Dabo and TE press conferences at this point are simply going

Sep 26, 2021, 7:09 PM

Interestingly, coaching stability has always when been a point of emphasis here, in that lack of turnover on the staff results in continuity. But then you look at Saban, rolling in a new OC every 3-4 years, they completely reinvent themselves on offense.

And of course, all the chatter over the summer was that OC's had figured out Venable's system, yet UGA could not score a single TD on us with one of our ex-players on his roster.

and RB evaluations have been off since Burton Burns left, he was a huge loss. Remember he is the one that steered ETN ou way, we had no idea who he was until Burns tipped us off, likely because he did not want to see the kid end up at LSU.

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Defense will be good regardless but....

Sep 26, 2021, 7:59 PM

I agree, things will just keep going in the same direction if the offensive coaches refuse to take accountability. I love Dabo but it starts with him. Saying things like "Tony Elliot is special," and "Not concerned with what people say or think," is a disservice to this team. The fact is right now Elliot's in charge of one of the worst offensive units in college football. Same for Robbie Caldwell. Rather than trying to repair these guys bruised egos, how about giving ultimatums about getting it fixed or you'll have to find somebody who can. It's amazing to me how we're so quick to push players to the wayside like Lyn-J but coaches who aren't doing their job, are beyond reproach.

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