Topic: CFB National Championships last 10 year
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CFB National Championships last 10 year

Oct 24, 2021, 8:41 AM

Alabama - 5
Clemson - 2
LSU - 1
Ohio St - 1
Florida St 1

While this year has been disappointing, ugly, frustrating, less than standard, etc... Just remember, there are 125 other football programs that haven't sniffed our success in a decade. Only Alabama is consistent year in and year out because they are basically an NFL minor league team with their own rules.

I do think two coaching changes need to be made. Caldwell retires and Streeter in moved to a non-coaching position. I have said it here before our quarterbacks have not progressed under Streeter. TL16's best year was his freshman year. Also look at our QB recruits not named DW4 or TL16, they all have been underwhelming. How many have transferred out 6? 7? And none have had any real success at the other schools.

We can still go out an beat the Criminoles, Loserville and USuCk and win a bowl game and pretend we are back in the good years of the 90s. Changes do need to be made and I trust Dabo to do what is needed.

Go Tigers! (I'm Class of '92 for all you idiots that want to call me a Coot)

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Re: CFB National Championships last 10 year

Oct 24, 2021, 9:29 AM

Where did you get your numbers from? Forget the BCS and look only at the CFP's:That is the only one that matters!
Ohio State won the first, played in Jan.2015 for the 2014 season. Since then Alabama has won 3,Clemson 2 and LSU 1.
7 games, this year will be # 8.

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