Topic: CEO’s Managerial Courage
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CEO’s Managerial Courage

Sep 28, 2021, 8:19 AM

CEO’s are paid millions of dollars to make tough decisions.

Poor marketing and sales directors are accountable for decisions they make every year. You make poor decisions or Sales strategy to your sales force. You get reassigned to a job with less impact of results or fired.
A sales manager evaluates his underperforming team and has to decide to place employee on PIP, show him outside opportunities (Portal) or fires him.
Overall, it’s the CEO or President that has to make the recommendation. (Head Coach or AD)
You can’t watch and wait to see if conditions turn around as you company as a markets leader to a what I did for you in the past or employees decide another company offers me a better chance to succeed and the snow ball starts rolling and it’s very difficult to stop the slide.
When your company stinks, product stinks, and no one cares, you end up with Brownell leading you sorry company and no one cares or expects change.
We need managerial courage either from our AD or Dabo. We can’t stick with terrible managers just because they are friends or nice people.

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